What Captain Lee Thinks Of Abbi Murphy Leaving Below Deck

Fans may be heartbroken over Abbi Murphy's departure from Below Deck, but at least one cast member is happy with her leaving. 

In a blog post, Captain Lee Rosbach said that the Valor crew is better off without Murphy, although he wishes her well. "I like Abbi, and have nothing against her and wish her the very best life she can have," he wrote. "I do have a problem with her work ethic or lack thereof. Of course, no one wants to be stuck in a job they don't like. But if you go [through] life quitting everything you don't like, you probably are not going to get too far. Everyone has to do some things that they would rather not do, but that's called life."


Why did Abbi Murphy leave Below Deck?

Below Deck viewers were shocked when Abbi Murphy abruptly left the show in the middle of the season. As she explained to The Daily Dish, she had just gotten engaged (and is now married) and wanted to focus on her relationship. "I don't think you should be newly engaged and in, you know, a type of environment with a lot of partying and a lot of different elements with guys and this and that," said the reality star. "You should probably step out of it and focus on your future that will last longer than your time on the boat." 

Murphy also said that she didn't feel the job was a good fit for her, especially at that point in her life.

Captain Lee said Abbi Murphy wasn't good at her job

Captain Lee went on to criticize Murphy, saying that she never seemed too thrilled with her job. "Let's see, there wasn't anything about this job that she liked except maybe tip day," wrote the Bravo star. "She didn't want to change uniforms, she didn't want to put her hair up to prevent her from getting hurt. She didn't want to use her radio, to possibly save someone's life, she didn't want to put out the toys for the guests, who by the way supply her tips. So yeah, I'm guilty of wanting someone who will do the job they signed on for."

While he clearly was not pleased, the captain wanted fans to know that the crew didn't just drop Murphy off "in the middle of nowhere" after she abruptly quit. "We dropped her off at our home port and made sure she got to the airport with a prepaid ticket home," he wrote. "We don't just abandon people who leave, for whatever reason. It's our responsibility to see they get back home safely with their pay and their tips. That's the right thing to do so that's the way we do it."