Here's How To Wear Booties With Skinny Jeans

If you're anything like us, the second it gets cooler outside you start to rely on a uniform of jeans, sweaters, and booties. It's like the rest of the closet suddenly doesn't exist. Nothing keeps you warmer than this combination, but it can get boring after a while. You can only wear the same few outfits so many times before you start scrolling through social media to find some fall fashion inspiration. 

That's why we've gathered a few fresh ways for you to style your booties with skinny jeans.

First things first, you want to make sure you're comfortable, and the good news is that your skinny jeans-with-booties look can be cute and comfy. Dr. Howard Osterman recommends Mephisto Lucilla GT booties for those who are looking for something that won't destroy your feet. "They can be fashionable yet still comfortable," he told Health.

Should you cuff your skinny jeans with booties?

Deciding between cuffing and not cuffing your skinny jeans when you wear booties comes down to how long your jeans are. Is the distance between the bottom of your pant leg to the top of the bootie awkward? Is it weirdly grazing the top of your shoe? Usually, the answer is yes. And since cuffed jeans always look more put-together anyway, we highly recommend cuffing your skinny jeans. There are even different ways you can cuff them to change up your look: You can do a single long cuff, you can roll the cuff up a couple of times, or you can even do a single "imperfect" cuff, which is perfect for a more casual outing (via Babble). 

The downside to cuffing your skinny jeans is that those perfectly executed cuffs tend to unravel once you get moving. It's super inconvenient, and if left unchecked it can put a damper on your look. If this happens frequently, choose a pair of pants that either come pre-cuffed or have a long enough leg to roll several times. If all else fails, you can always sew the cuff into place.

Color pairings are key with skinny jeans and booties

Making sure your jeans, booties, and top complement each other is key when it comes to picking an outfit. Luckily, denim is generally considered a neutral, which makes pairing it with the other two so much easier. Often, it comes down to the color or print of the booties you choose to wear. 

When you're wearing blue denim, booties that are dark brown, light beige, jet black, and white would match best (via Branded Girls). If you're wearing black jeans, you can let your boots stand out in a crazy print or color, or you can choose to throw on a brown-hued pair of booties if you're looking to embrace what has traditionally been thought of as a fashion faux pas (via InStyle and WhoWhatWear). 

Whether you're a walking faux pas or you're sticking to the rules, the best accessory you can wear with skinny jeans and booties is a healthy dose of confidence.