The Real Meaning Of Joseph And Kendra Duggar's New Baby's Name

Perhaps the second most fascinating thing about the Duggar family, aside from the fact that there are so many of them, is the family's naming tradition. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar started giving their kids "J" names and never looked back. Their 19 kids (and counting), however, as they've now grown up and started having children of their own, definitely didn't follow the family tradition. According to In Touch, the Duggar parents now have 15 grandchildren, and their names could not differ from each other more, though there is usually a common thread. 

One of the latest additions to the ever-expanding Duggar clan is Addison Renee, Kendra and Joe Duggar's second child. While the newborn doesn't have a stereotypical "J" Duggar name, her moniker does follow another unspoken, and not-so-strictly upheld tradition: names with biblical or religious connections. Many of the Duggars have given their children names from the Bible, with names like Israel, Samuel, and Gideon in the mix (via In Touch).

Addison Duggar's first and middle names are derived from the Bible

When Joe and Kendra took to Instagram to announce the birth of their first daughter, they also revealed her name. The couple shared, "Addison Renee has made us a family of four and we are already so in love with her! She made a quick arrival in the early hours of the morning and has already melted our hearts." While some fans have criticized the Duggars for continuing to have so many kids, others congratulated the couple, with at least one complimenting the baby's name, specifically. 

Names are such a focal point with the Duggar family that it's natural to wonder not only what the chosen baby names mean, but also speculate on why those particular names were chosen in the first place. 

According to Behind The Name, "Addison" is a last name that is now commonly used as a first name and means "son of Adam." The name Adam has obvious biblical connections, and the Duggars' religious beliefs are well-known, so it's easy to see why Joe and Kendra would choose the name Addison. What is less obvious, however, is the name Renee. 

Renee derives from the biblical name "Renatus," which means "born again." The idea of rebirth is heavily connected to Christianity, with some Bible passages implying that being born again is essential to gaining access to heaven.

While "J" names were important to Jim Bob and Michelle, it's clear the Duggar children are forging their own paths when it comes to naming their children. Yet the family will always be connected by their beliefs, and Addison's name is proof of that.