The Reason Bachelor Fans Think They Know Who Won Peter Weber's Heart

Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor hasn't even aired yet, but diehard fans already think they know who won. Pilot Pete returned to Instagram on November 23 after filming of The Bachelor wrapped. On a picture of him and his dog (who looked very happy that Peter was back home), Peter teased what his Bachelor season has in store.

"Just got back from two months of the most insane journey ever... told my boy everything and he can't believe it!" he wrote.

Mike Johnson, who was a contestant with Peter on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season commented, "Missed ya homie!! I know you found your love."

Fans think Peter Weber might have become a vegan

Fans also think that Peter found his love, and also have an idea of who it may be. The private Instagram fan account @BachSleuthers has been keeping tabs on Pilot Pete, saying that the Bachelor has "implemented some interesting lifestyle changes" since arriving back in the U.S. (via Cosmopolitan). 

The account wrote, "It seems Peter may have found love in a plant-based place this season," pointing out that he followed two vegan food accounts on Instagram.

Has Peter Weber become a vegan? And, if so, did he do it for love? Thanks to @BachSleuthers, we know that at least one of the contestants on the upcoming season of The Bachelor is a vegan. Well, maybe. The account revealed that Victoria Fuller has liked many vegan-related posts on Instagram and on Pinterest, so it's possible that she's responsible if Peter did, in fact, make a lifestyle change.

Did Victoria Fuller get the final rose?

That might not be a lot to go on, but we're here for this theory anyway, especially because Victoria seems like a confident young woman who would be good for Peter. According to E! News, Reality Steve, who is known for posting Bachelor-related rumors, made allegations about Victoria's reputation in her home town of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Victoria quickly shut them down when she returned to Instagram after the filming of The Bachelor had wrapped. 

"The RUMORS you are hearing are FALSE," she wrote on November 22. "There will be a time & place where I can defend myself, but for now I choose to wait. HOWEVER, bullying is NOT ok. Nor is it fair. Especially when casting judgement and basing opinions upon pure speculation, assumptions, & LIES."

It's also worth noting that, just like Peter, Victoria's first post-Bachelor Instagram post was of her greeting a very enthusiastic dog. Could this be a match made in heaven? 

For now, we'll have to wait and see. Peter Weber's Bachelor season premieres on January 6.