Is Pretty Little Liars On Netflix?

It's not often Freeform shows amass a following quite like Pretty Little Liars did in its heyday. The show was so successful, EW reported, that the book series the show is based on would be getting four new, unplanned, installments. The show ensnared viewers with its jaw-dropping twists, turns, and cliffhangers, all leading to an answer that still puzzles fans: A's identity. A, the villain who tormented the Liars for years, took the Gossip Girl mystery to new, deadly heights. 

Not only was the show just pure entertainment, but it also helped launch the careers of stars Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell (who recently became a mom).

Those looking to piece together the mystery and hints may want to go back and rewatch the series. While it will have a permanent home on HBO Max sometime in 2020, there are many places the show can be watched until then.

How can you watch Pretty Little Liars?

Fans itching for more PLL may have gravitated to its spin-offs, only to see the hopes of more from this world dashed when both Ravenswood and The Perfectionists were canceled after just one season (via Decider).

Perhaps the most compelling reason to give Pretty Little Liars a rewatch, though, is the ability to see just how all the pieces of the puzzle came together. Showrunner Marlene King said at the time of the revelation that it had been in the works for over three years (via EW). As those who watched the show when it was originally running know, it would have been nearly impossible to catch any hints that may have been dropped.

Unfortunately, Variety reported in June 2019 that the series would be removed from Netflix at the end of that month and not available to stream again until HBO Max launched in May 2020. That said, there are still many other places fans can turn to for a nostalgia-inducing trip to Rosewood.

If you can't wait for someone to share their HBO Max subscription with you, purchasing the seasons or individual episodes is the only way to go. According to Decider, episodes and seasons of the series can be purchased on Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.