Do Any Of The Duggar Sisters Work?

The Duggars come from an ultra-conservative Christian group known as Independent Baptists, and they follow a strict code of conduct when it comes to dressing and dating. But do these rules also cover working outside the home? 


According to Cheat Sheet, many of the girls do dabble work outside the home from time to time. While the family earns between $25,000 to $40,000 per episode of Counting On, that doesn't add up to much when you consider just how many people that's shared between (via Cheat Sheet). So what do the Duggar daughters do to help augment their individual family finances?

Jana and Jill are midwives

At 29, Jana is the oldest of the Duggar daughters. She remains unmarried, which is a rarity among the family, as most of the girls tend to marry in their early 20s (via Cheat Sheet). As for work, Jana is a licensed midwife. (Fun fact: According to People, Jana actually trained alongside her younger sister, Jill). In addition to her work as a midwife, Romper reports that Jana still lives at home helping her mother with her younger siblings and with work around the house. 


27-year-old Jill Dillard is also a certified midwife; she earned her degree through a Texas-based distance training program and People reported she has clocked about 3,000 hours since earning her license. Michelle is proud of what both Jill and Jana are doing, saying they disappear "for days at a time" when they spend time with a woman about to give birth. Jill was by sister Joy-Anna's side when she went into labor and was even seen checking Joy-Anna's — and the new baby's — vital signs. When she's not working, Jill is taking care of her two sons and manages the Dillard family blog.

Jessa and Jinger are active on Instagram

Aside from being a mom of three, Jessa Seewald likely made some money from the book she co-authored with Jana, Jill, and Jinger, Growing Up Duggar (via E! News). She also frequently shares personal photos on Instagram and has a YouTube channel, though it's unclear if she's monetized her accounts. Other than that and the show, Jessa and her husband Ben don't have a steady income, and Glamour Fame estimates the family is worth about $400,000.


Jinger's marriage to a former professional soccer player based in Los Angeles gives her a chance to break away (even if just a little) from her family's conservative fold. She used to take professional-style photographs for her family and still lists photography as one of her interests. While she populates her Instagram feed with personal photos, it's not certain whether Jinger has done anything to turn her interest into a profession. For now, she seems busy with her family (via In Touch Weekly). 

The younger Duggar girls find their niche

Joy-Anna was seemingly on track to be a stay-at-home mom like many of her sisters, but in January 2019, In Touch Weekly reported Joy-Anna's name was listed as a staff member at Fort Rock Family Camp — a facility her in-laws own. 


Johannah (13), Jennifer (11), Jordyn-Grace (10), and Josie (9) are among the youngest of the Duggar family, but the Christian album they released, titled Happy Hearts, proves they may just have what it takes to be in showbiz.

The Duggars might be famous for their highly-conservative values, but it seems many of the family's women are dedicated to pursuing their individual interests.