Does Aquaphor Clog Pores?

Aquaphor is a skin cream that is often recommended for those with dry or cracked skin. It's especially popular in the winter when cold winds whip at your face, fingers, and lips. The ointment also shortens healing time if your skin is irritated by sunburn and acne, and also serves as a protective shield which helps keep moisture where it belongs — on your skin (via Livestrong). It's sort of a miracle worker, and so it may leave you wondering, are there any negative attributes to this affordable drugstore must-have? 

In short, not many. Reddit users have even decided to name the holy Aquaphor "the Nectar of the Gods" since it helps the driest skin types and zaps all breakouts. The results? A smooth and clear face. 

We know Aquaphor is great for the skin, but what about pores?

Since Aquaphor is thick, like Vaseline, it's normal to question if this ointment will clog your pores ASAP, which can result in acne. However, since the product is an emollient, it traps water in the skin, and better yet, since it's also noncomedogenic, it will not clog any of your pretty little pores. Instead, Aquaphor lets the pores breathe, and many suggest using it heavily, especially during the winter months. 

Rachel Nazarian, M.D., a dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC, told Cosmopolitan, "Aquaphor prevents water from evaporating from your face, helping to improve your skin barrier and keep it healthy."

Aquaphor should not be subbed for moisturizer, though

So no, Aquaphor will not clog those pores, but keep in mind that it should not serve as a substitute for moisturizer. Also, in the summer months, Aquaphor may be a little too much for your skin since you're already sweating and dewy. Keep Aquaphor on deck for the winter, as you could then use it on a regular basis (especially for folks who live in windy cities or colder areas with low temperatures). The skin can take a harsh beating when seasons change and it's imperative that you take care of it in order to prevent any unwanted cracking or dryness.