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S. Nicole Lane is a visual artist and writer based in the South Side of Chicago. Her work can be found on Playboy, Broadly, Rewire, MedTruth and other corners of the internet, where she discusses sexual health, wellness, and the arts. She is also the editorial associate for the Chicago Reader where she is a Jill of all trades.
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Stories By S. Nicole Lane
  • How A 'Sleep Divorce' Can Actually Help Your Marriage

    You might be in love, but the way two people sleep together isn't always harmonious. And getting a bad night's rest can contribute to problems in the relationship. Snoring, stealing the covers, or sleeping in opposing positions can all cause issues. That's why you might need a sleep divorce.
  • Pigtail Hairstyles You'll Be Asking For In 2020

    Pigtails get a rep for being childish or for little kids. But this hairstyle is more than just a toddler's 'do. In 2020, the pigtail is making a comeback in a more grown-up version and it's more stylish than ever. Don't let your 8-year-old self hold back your future adult self.
  • '70s Fashion Trends That Will Make A Comeback In 2020

    Will it be crocheted tops, bell bottoms, and colorful prints? It might be 2020, but the 1970s are just around the corner. Of course, the '70s have been an inspiration for our everyday looks throughout the decades. But now, in 2020, it's time once again to channel your inner Farrah Fawcett.
  • Signs That Your Louis Vuitton Is Fake

    You've seen Louis Vuitton rip-offs being sold on the street corners or even in shops — they seem to be everywhere and they're definitely a lot cheaper than the real thing. But real Louis Vuitton bags are so expensive for a reason. Here's how to spot a fake LV.
  • Bridget Moynahan Is Related To This Hollywood Celeb

    Model and actress Bridget Moynahan has a surprising celebrity connection — and it's not Tom Brady. It turns out the Massachusetts-born actress has some distant relations to comedian, actress, producer, and author Rosie O'Donnell. Bridget Moynahan's parents are both Irish, as are O'Donnells.
  • The Real Reason Wish Products Are So Cheap

    How can Wish practically give all of their items away? With each product sold, the company only receives a cut of 15 percent of the sale, meaning that they sold a lot of products to cross that billion dollar mark. Here's how Wish can still make a profit off all that cheap stuff.
  • The Reason Louis Vuitton Bags Are So Expensive

    Louis Vuitton handbags are classic, sleek, and known to be very, very expensive. When taking the plunge on purchasing a Louis Vuitton, you're investing in a purse that may just last you forever — but it is worth it? Despite its famous trademarked name, what makes this brand so incredibly pricey?
  • The Real Way Cortisol Affects Your Skin

    Do you have dry skin, acne, or inflammation? According to esthetician Alana Mitchell, there's one pesky hormone that could be responsible: cortisol. The Society for Endocrinology explains that cortisol is a steroid hormone made in our adrenal glands which can spike when we're feeling stress.
  • The Real Reason Oprah Never Had Kids

    Motherhood isn't for everyone, and yet those who opt out of having kids are typically questioned about it. Even megastar celebrities like Oprah Winfrey are subject to speculation — the iconic talk show host has been questioned about her marital status and choice to remain childless for years.
  • Here's How Many Wigs Dolly Parton Really Has

    Hair teased hair, heels high, and layers of makeup — that's Dolly Parton in a nutshell. A wise woman once mused, "The higher the hair, the closer to God," and Parton seems to live by that saying. The superstar has always had been open about her beauty routines, including her love of big hair.
  • The Truth About Salt Therapy

    Salt therapy, or halotherapy, has been around for ages. And although there are varying opinions on whether or not this form of therapy is really just a placebo effect, people continue to visit salt caves in hopes that it will help all manner of ailments, from respiratory to mental health.
  • Do Phones Cause Acne?

    Here's a horrifying fact: Cell phones can carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. While the bacteria on our cell phones can be problematic if transferred to your eyes, nose, or mouth, it's something else on the surface of your smartphone that could be causing breakouts.
  • The Truth About The Optavia Diet

    Cake Boss star, Buddy Valastro, swears by the Optavia diet, which he credits with helping him lose 35 pounds. If a diet can help a professional baker lose and keep weight off, it must be some kind of miracle, right? But what exactly is the Optavia diet?
  • Signs That Your Hair Needs Some Extra Oil

    Is your hair frizzy, lifeless, or dull looking? If so, it may need some extra oil for nourishment. Oil treatments can hydrate your mane for a healthier, shinier look. Not sure if your hair is in need of oil? Here are some signs that it's the right treatment for you.
  • What Happens When You Use Salicylic Acid Every Day

    Salicylic acid is an ingredient found in many skincare products, particularly acne creams and cleansers. It has the same anti-inflammatory ingredients as aspirin, can help de-clog pores, and is also an exfoliator. It sounds like magic in a bottle, but what is it really? And is it safe to use daily?
  • The Real Reason Moles Suddenly Appear

    Almost everyone has a beauty mark or two. The harmless skin growths — or melanocytic naevi — that are brown or black in hue are usually called "moles." Moles usually pop up around childhood, but new ones can appear during adulthood as well.