What Happens To Your Body If You Use Bath Bombs Every Day

Bath. Bombs. Two simple words that have taken over our bathtub dreams (and bank accounts). These colorful explosions of soapy luxury transform everyone's baths to an oasis of pastels as they bubble and dissolve into an exfoliating residue. They also can cost a pretty penny depending on how extravagant or organic you go. 

On that note, what ingredients actually go into these bath bombs, and what chemicals are we actually soaking our entire body in for the sake of a cute #BathBombing boomerang? On another note, are they even good for your skin? 

Bath bombs are chock full of pretty simple ingredients like salts, colorants, oils, and maybe some add-ons, like glitter. But at the basic level, they are pretty scientific. The sodium bicarbonate in the sudsy concoction reacts with citric acid and results in a bomb-like effect that is really a release of carbon dioxide gas. Once you plop one into your tub, your bath water is transformed into a plethora of colors and fragrances (via Allure). 

Since oils are involved, it can add a bit of moisturizer, but unfortunately for bath bomb fans, the other ingredients can be irritating to the skin. For people with sensitive skin, bath bombs may not be the answer since they are more about an experience (or a social media post) rather than a real way to smooth your skin.

Bath bombs can be made up of all sorts of harmful chemicals

Is popping a bath bomb into your tub every day the answer to great, smooth skin? Lush says maybe not — as with many of the better things in life, moderation is key. If someone's skin reacts to a bath bomb, it's best to stop immediately and chat with a doctor about possible allergies. 

Also, bath bombs can disrupt a person's pH balance in their vagina, causing all types of issues that you definitely do not want. As always, read up on the ingredients in your bath bombs and educate yourself on what you're putting in your water (via Bustle). 

Sydney Ziverts, a health and nutrition investigator, told Healthline, "People are using these toxic products on a daily basis, unknowingly exposing themselves and loved ones to harmful ingredients." The potential toxins include fragrance additives like Benzene derivatives, aldehydes (which can increase respiratory allergies), talc (which is associated with ovarian cancer), as well as artificial dyes which have been linked to brain cancer and ADHD. 

While you may not feel the effects of a bath bomb's chemical side effects through a rash or an irritation of the skin, you may be exposing your body in other ways. Try to look into more natural bath products or even make your own bath bombs at home.