Is Below Deck On Netflix?

Below Deck is one of the hottest shows on Bravo right now. The mixture of drama, hookups, and drool-worthy trips on the high seas also make it one of the channel's most addictive. The seventh season hit in October, but already we're eager to revisit the inimitable Captain Lee, aka the "Stud of the Sea," and his crew of unruly charges from seasons past.

Netflix is the go-to spot for binge sessions but, considering Below Deck is a Bravo show, is that channel the only place to catch it? Where can we go to get our much-needed hit of high stakes, high seas drama?

Where's the best place to binge Below Deck?

Unfortunately, Below Deck is not on Netflix at the time of this writing, which is a real bummer for the streaming site and its legions of fans alike. Happily, though, Bravo is running seemingly endless episodes of the show round the clock, alongside the likes of the Real Housewives and Vanderpump Rules, so it's easily accessible there.

Elsewhere, Decider lists Amazon Prime, YouTube, Fubo TV, Google Play, Vudu, and more as places you can get your fix of Captain Lee, his long-suffering chief stew Kate Chastain, and his other crew members while we anxiously await another season of madness. Chastain admitted to Hollywood Life that season 7 was a difficult one for her, saying, "There was just so much drama. Watching the trailer back, I was like, 'Oh, I forgot that happened. Oh, I forgot that happened.'"

No matter what goes down on-board, both Chastain and her captain are proud of the show for promoting the business they love. "I think that I'm proud that we're the original. Yachting in general is just like, be the best and then be better than that best," the reality star and chief stew said, who also recently dished on the Below Deck medical emergency that was even more intense than we saw onscreen.