Mina Starsiak Gives Heartbreaking Update On Her IVF Journey

Mina Starsiak, the younger half of the mother-daughter duo who stars in the HGTV home renovation reality series Good Bones, will not be making her costar Karen Laine a second-time granny any time soon. Mina and her husband have one child together, a 16-month-old boy named Jack, but the couple has been trying ever since his birth to give Jack a little brother or sister. 

To date, they have not met with any success. Although Mina is hardly the first celebrity to struggle with infertility, she has been unusually open about the issue. She's been keeping her fans and well-wishers posted on Instagram about every step of her journey so far, but the latest update was a very sad one: her first attempt at in vitro fertilization was a failure (via People).

Why Mina's IVF failed

Mina had just one embryo fertilized on her first attempt, but after the fertilization took place, the embryo failed to grow. Upon receiving this news, Mina posted a series of video clips to her Instagram Story in which she explained that this meant that she wouldn't be able to have that embryo implanted, and would be meeting with her doctor to see what steps she should take next. She admitted that she is just at the beginning of what, for many, can be a process that takes years to achieve.

Mina remains positive, vowing to continue her efforts to conceive, but also finding one upside to the current hiatus in her IVF journey — she is looking forward to returning to her regular gym workouts. She is also sorry-not-sorry for "spamming" her Instagram with fertility-related posts, but says she's going to keep on doing it on behalf of "the literal hundreds, likely thousands of women that have thanked me bc allowing my struggle to be public has helped them in one way or another; mostly just not feeling alone bc so many people just don't talk about these things." 

Well, if anyone's brave enough to share her story, and to keep on trying no matter how many disappointments lie ahead, that someone is our girl Mina. We wish her all the best, and can't wait to hear the news that Jack's got a new little sibling on the way.