What Really Happens To The Engagement Rings From Failed Bachelor Relationships

It's pretty hard to find love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. According to Today, just three of the final couples on the shows have gotten married (although several couples have gotten hitched after meeting on Bachelor in Paradise).

That's a lot of heartbreak, but at least the disappointed brides-to-be get to keep the gorgeous Neil Lane diamond engagement rings that they are given when proposed to on the show, right?

Not exactly. In the event of a breakup, those stunning sparklers have to be returned to the show. Considering that the rings are valued at up to $100,000, it makes sense that this stipulation is part of their Bachelor contract. "There's some rule, after a certain number of years, you get to keep it anyway," Bachelor host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Weekly in 2016 (via Us Weekly). "But after months ... it goes back."

Harrison joked at the time that he has all of the rings from failed Bachelor relationships and wears them. "They're on a necklace," he said.

The Bachelor engagement rings are actually stored in a 'ring graveyard'

Former Bachelor winner and Bachelorette Becca Kufrin recently revealed what really happens to those rings on the Bachelor Party podcast (via Today). "I will say there is a ring graveyard," she said. "They get to keep them all locked away, hidden from everyone — all the scorned rings."

The engagement ring Kufrin once wore after getting engaged to Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. in season 22 is in that graveyard. Kufrin returned the ring after he broke up with her, saying she didn't want to keep the "pity diamond," but it looks like she would have been contractually obligated to return it anyway.

Here's hoping that the Neil Lane rock she got from her current fiancé, Bachelorette winner Garrett Yrigoyen, will bring Kufrin better luck.