Female Athletes With Really Gorgeous Husbands

Look no further than female athletes to disprove the outdated belief that women are weak. Women are fierce and always have been, and female athletes prove that women are anything but physically inferior to men. And some women have even reached the tops of their respective sports, from soccer and tennis to gymnastics and ice skating.


Whether they're Olympic stars or pro athletes, these accomplished women have been defying long-held gender norms for generations. They have also proven that they have game both on and off the court, having married some pretty handsome husbands. These female athletes have proven that women really can have it all — and look amazing with their gorgeous partners. A lot of female athletes unsurprisingly marry other athletes, while other female athletes wed men outside of sports. One thing that holds true for all of the following female athletes, though, is that all of them have really, really good-looking husbands.

Female athlete Serena Williams' husband is the co-founder of Reddit

Serena Williams married a gorgeous man who is quite the superstar himself, although not in athletics. The female athlete's husband, Alexis Ohanian, is a tech entrepreneur who co-founded Reddit. As noted by Elle, the two were married in November 2017. Ohanian is incredibly supportive of his talented wife, so much so that he said he's been accused of making other husbands look bad.


"It started when I put up some billboards for my wife, a.k.a. the GMOAT (greatest mom of all time), to celebrate her first tournament after having our daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.," he told Glamour in 2019. "I made a video showcasing her journey returning to tennis around the U.S. Open. And then there was that trip to Italy — she had a craving, so I delivered her to Venice."

Ohanian, who is one of a number of celebrity husbands you never hear about, continued, "I get it; these are pretty extravagant gestures. But I think if you were to ask my wife, or many other people in relationships, it's often the simpler things that are the most important. You have to show up. You have to be supportive. These are the things that matter."


Alex Morgan's husband is also a pro athlete

Soccer star Alex Morgan is married to another soccer player. While, at times, they've had to be long distance because of their careers, Morgan and her husband, Servando Carrasco, have quite a strong relationship. According to Good Housekeeping, the couple met while they were both playing soccer at University of California, Berkeley. In 2011, Carrasco found himself playing for the Seattle Sounders, while the female athlete, who's had a stunning transformation over the years, was on the opposite side of the country playing for the Western New York Flash. That same year, she played in her first-ever World Cup.


The couple married on New Year's Eve in 2014 and were able to live together for a couple of years with both of them playing for Orlando teams. In 2017, though, Carrasco was in Los Angeles playing for the L.A. Galaxy. Still, they made it work.

"It's far from ideal to be that far from your wife," Carrasco told Pro Soccer USA in 2018. "We know that this is temporary. We're only going to be able to play professional soccer for five to six more years. We've got to take advantage of this, and know that when we're done playing, we're going to be together."

Shawn Johnson is one female athlete who married an NFL player

Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson is happily married to NFL player Andrew East. The couple met through East's brother, Olympic cyclist Guy East, who was convinced that the two would be perfect together. He got his brother on a plane to meet the female athlete in Los Angeles when she was competing on Dancing With the Stars a few months after the 2012 Olympics. "I thought it was insane," Johnson told the Des Moines RegisterHer future husband eventually won her over, though. "I fell head over heels, I guess," Johnson shared with the publication. 


By 2015, she had moved to Nashville to be closer to East, who proposed in July 2015. Johnson and East were married the following year. "The day was everything I hoped it would be," Johnson told People of her wedding. "It was the most beautiful, perfect day a girl could ask for."

In 2019, the couple happily welcomed their first child. "You are our everything," Johnson, who had one of the most stunning transformations of the 2010s, wrote on Instagram. "Welcome to the world baby girl. "

Kristi Yamaguchi's husband is at home on the ice like his female athlete wife

Kristi Yamaguchi and her husband, Bret Hedican, make for an icy pair. Yamaguchi, an Olympic champion figure skater, married the former pro ice hockey player in 2000. The couple had already known each other for years, meeting each other at the opening ceremony of the 1992 Olympics in which they were both competing. Yamaguchi would go on to earn the gold.


Decades later, Yamaguchi is focused on her family, her husband, and her Always Dream Foundation. "I guess you could say that 1992 in Albertville was a pretty good experience for me," the female athlete told USA Today"Winning the gold opened up a lot of opportunities, other challenges that I wanted to take on and do in my life. The first thing was touring and being able to make a career out of my sport, skating as a professional for 10 years and enjoying that. Beyond that, it was having the opportunity to start my foundation and give back, which was something important for me and my family." She continued, "I've enjoyed taking on other challenges outside of skating, even as my main focus with my life is my family."


The husband of female athlete Mia Hamm played professional baseball

Soccer player Mia Hamm found her perfect match in baseball player Nomar Garciaparra. The Olympic champ has three children with the handsome Garciaparra, twins Grace and Ava and their little brother, Garrett.


Hamm joined the U.S. women's national soccer team at the age of 15, making her the team's youngest player ever. The female athlete led the team to victory in the Women's World Cup in 1991 and 1999 and the Olympics in 1996 and 2004. She said her greatest accomplishment, though, is being a wife and mother. "I've achieved many wonderful goals, but my family is what I'm most proud of," Hamm told Everyday Health. "Having a happy, healthy family is everything."

While Garciaparra and Hamm are encouraging their kids to play sports, they aren't pushing them to follow in their footsteps. "Instead of pushing them to play a specific sport, we strive for them to be physically active, just because of all the benefits associated with [that]," said Hamm. "We also want them to follow their passions and dreams. And if that's not soccer or baseball, that's completely fine."


Female athlete Lisa Leslie has a husband who is a pilot

Former WNBA superstar Lisa Leslie's husband may not slam dunk a basketball, but he does reach for the skies in his job as a pilot. The two were set up by a fan in what turned out to be a twist of fate. Leslie was at the airport when she ran into a friend of her future husband. "He told me that he and his wife were huge fans," Leslie told Essence in 2009. "Then he told me he had a great guy for me to meet and thought we'd hit it off and even said, 'You're tall; he's tall,' and I'm thinking, I'm not trying to meet anyone. I'm single; I'm good."


Leslie was good on her own, but the female athlete admitted that her husband, Michael Lockwood, brought a lot of happiness to her life. "And as far as the love of my life, well, Michael's love for me has taught me the difference between having a man in your life versus a boy, and I couldn't be happier for that lesson and his love," she said.

Bethany Hamilton and the female athlete's husband competed on The Amazing Race

Bethany Hamilton, who made headlines after losing an arm in a shark attack when she was 13 in one of the craziest shark attack survival stories, has been married to youth minister Adam Dirks since 2013. The female athlete eventually accomplished her dream of becoming a professional surfer in spite of her missing arm and has since lived life to the fullest.


In 2015, Dirks and Hamilton competed on The Amazing Race, working on their teamwork skills in the process. "The main thing is communication when it comes to balancing teamwork and individuality," Dirks told Focus on the Family. "Even in the small things — like opening a jar of peanut butter — I'm learning that it's my responsibility because it's super hard for her. But then there are things like carrying a large jug of water, and she's like, 'No, I've got this.'"

He added, "I grew in my trust of Bethany throughout the race, trusting that she can handle whatever situations may come her way and learning to trust how she deals with adversity. It was pretty cool."

Female athlete Tara Lipinski met her husband through work

Tara Lipinski met her husband through work, but he's not an athlete. The champion ice skater married a sports producer. The pair met after the female athlete presented her then-future husband, Todd Kapostasy, with an award at the Sports Emmys in 2015, as reported by People.


Lipinski, who became a sports analyst after she retired from skating, says that being married to Kapostasy is the best thing that's ever happened to her. "I think as much as I love skating, love everything that I've accomplished, love working in television, being married trumps all of that, and it's been really nice to have that balance," she told Page Six in 2018.

The couple make a point of spending time together. "We definitely block off all of our nights to spend together," said Lipinski, one of many Olympic athletes who look completely different today. "I try to get done with work as soon as I can, just because I'm so excited — I still get those butterflies — to see Todd. Either we have a date night or we're bingeing Netflix or whatever it is."


Brandi Chastain is a female athlete who's had a strong marriage for decades

Brandi Chastain impressed sports fans with her stamina on the soccer field, and she's applied that same tenacity to her marriage. The two-time World Cup champion and her husband, Santa Clara University soccer coach Jerry Smith, have been married since 1996. It may have been decades since they met, but both Chastain and Smith still look as vibrant and attractive as newlyweds. The couple first met when the female athlete was a student at the university playing on the soccer team. The couple has a son together, Jaden, (Chastain also has a stepson in Smith's son Cameron), and are committed to their decades-long romance. 


Chastain has had an impressive career, but she is perhaps best known for stripping off her jersey on the field after making the game-winning penalty kick that won the 1999 Women's World Cup for the U.S. Smith supported his wife during the now-iconic moment, telling People, "She lives life on the edge and does whatever she does with passion."

Female athlete Missy Franklin and her husband get on swimmingly

There's nothing like having a husband who shares your interests. In September 2019, Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin married fellow swimmer Hayes Johnson. According to Swimming World Magazine, Franklin has earned six Olympic medals and sixteen World Championship medals. Franklin married Johnson a year after retiring from the sport. The female athlete left the sport because she was experiencing shoulder pain so severe that she feared it would impact her ability to play with her future children.


"It is not fashionable to say you want to be a wife and mother," Franklin told The Telegraph. "To me, being a mom is the greatest job in the world and I have known for a long time that is one of my greatest callings. People have different religions and faiths and different priorities. I feel very comfortable saying my priority is being a wife and a mom, while for someone else their priority might be their career."

The husband of female athlete Caroline Wozniacki is an NBA star

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki married an athlete who is at home on a different kind of court. The female athlete's gorgeous husband, David Lee, played professional basketball for the NBA. The couple were wed in a lavish ceremony in June 2019, after getting engaged in November 2017, as reported by People.


"We had the best time, it was awesome," Wozniacki told Hello! about their wedding in Tuscany. She continued, "Obviously saying 'I Do' was very special, but I actually think that whole day and the food was incredible," adding, "We partied all the way until four in the morning which was perfect. We had a candy room, because I love sweets, and on the dance floor, we had fries and candy and burgers and stuff coming out. So I think the food was also a big highlight for us."

Because of training for Wimbledon, Wozniacki and Lee could only have a small honeymoon, but the two were thrilled just to be together. "That was kind of the tough part," said the tennis pro. "But we had a little mini moon, we went on a boat for a couple of days, which was kind of a nice calm down from the wedding."


Female athlete Carli Lloyd married her high school sweetheart

Some female athletes search for the perfect partner for years. Others decide they'd rather be single. Some, however, find their lifetime partners quite young, before their careers even take off. Soccer phenom Carli Lloyd met her husband, Brian Hollins, when she was still in high school. According to People, Hollins proposed in 2013, after 15 years of dating.


Hollins knows what it is like to be an elite athlete as he's a golf pro himself. He's quite supportive of his wife, whom he married in 2016, following the Olympics. "I go to most of her training sessions," Hollins revealed to the New York Post in 2015. "It'll be indoors, and she'll be doing that kind of move around a cone, doing it over and over and over. It looks natural in a game from all the repetition. She does that multiple times. She practices it a lot, the Snake.”

In an interview with Sports IllustratedHollins commented on Lloyd's dedication to her career. "She is by far the most competitive person I know," he said.

Female athlete Brianne Theisen-Eaton and her husband are an Olympic power couple

With three Olympic medals under their belts (two golds for Ashton Eaton and one bronze for Brianne Theisen-Eaton), the couple decided to retire in 2017. Eaton, a decathlon champion, and Theisen-Eaton, a Canadian heptathlon star, had already achieved a lot in their athletic careers and wanted to move on. "It was not that hard for us to be honest," Easton told Sports Illustrated. "It's been a pretty easy transition. We have never really missed practice and we've been pretty excited to pursue the next thing." His female athlete spouse added, "Same for me. I think we were both just so ready to move on to the next thing. We've been excited about what's to come next. ... There's so much freedom now to do whatever we want."


That "next thing" turned out to be a family. In 2019, the hunky Eaton announced he and his wife were expecting. "(Brianne) and I are expecting our first 'spacenaut' (nickname after seeing it through ultrasound) to arrive on Earth in early February," Eaton announced (via the Team USA website). "We feel the same excitement and nervousness we did when toeing the line at the @Olympics! Ready for the adventure."

Allyson Felix's husband has model good looks like his female athlete wife

Allyson Felix's husband isn't a professional model, but, honestly, he might as well be. With his good looks, he would easily seem at home strutting down a runway or posing in front of a camera. According to The Washington Post, Felix has a whopping nine Olympic medals. The talented runner married her husband, fellow runner Kenneth Ferguson in 2018, according to the USA Track & Field website.


According to the Today News Gazette (via Enstars), Ferguson is supportive of his wife's career even though it keeps the female athlete busy. As an athlete himself who has competed in the USA Junior Championship, World Junior Championship, Pan American Junior Championship, and the USA Outdoor Championship, he knows what it's like to constantly be on the run. The two have kept their relationship going strong since 2005, in spite of their busy lives, and have one child together, a daughter named Camryn.