The Real Reason You Shouldn't Ignore Your Rising Sign

The rising sign may be something astrologers have known about since forever, but thanks to the internet, we now know we have more than just our sun signs to consider when we think about astrology and our horoscopes. Along with your sun sign (what we all know about), and our moon sign (what some of us may just be discovering), the rising (or ascendant) sign is the third factor that gives us a more complete picture of who we are.

"Your rising sign is the sign of the zodiac that was rising on the eastern horizon at the first moment you came into contact with the external world, and when your consciousness dawned on this physical plane," astrologer Priya Kale says (via Vice). "Being human and having a physical body is the 'mask you wear,' so your rising sign describes the vessel for the spirit, soul, and consciousness within you."

Your rising sign influences who you are on the outside

"Your rising sign is how you act at weddings when you're meeting new people, or how you might act on a first date," Stevie Anderson, co-host of the podcast "What's Your Sign?" tells HuffPost. "It's our Instagram profiles. It's how we want to be viewed and how we view ourselves. Some astrologers say that rising signs can even affect your appearance."

Astrologers say that while we "age" or grow into our sun signs, our rising or ascending sign is, more often than not, molded by childhood experiences. "Say a person has a Leo rising sign: Their presentation may be theatrical or dramatic and they may put on a bit of a show," astrologer Danielle Bernstein says. "Perhaps growing up, they felt the need to do so in order to garner their desired affection. As a Virgo sun, someone may in fact be more reserved and end up shining in a quieter role, an editorial writing job or service role. As they age, they may feel less and less of a need to 'put on a show' and more and more aligned with Virgoan shyness and humility."

How you can tell what your rising sign is

Contrary to popular belief, astrology relies on precise calculations, so approximations can mean a far-from-exact reading. "Without the time of birth, astrologers can get plenty of information but it's like seeing through a blurry lens," astrologer Priya Kale says. Once you have the time of birth, you can go online and visit sites like Cafe Astrology, which can help you figure out what your rising sign is. The site says it's important for you to find out your exact time of birth, as rising signs change every two hours.

But even if this sounds like too much trouble, don't give up. "Knowing all your signs is important because every part of you is important... when you know your rising sign, you can better understand how and why people think of you in one way ― your rising ― while you may think of yourself ― the sun ― in another," Jessica Lanyadoo, a San Francisco astrologer tells HuffPost. "The sun is your identity; it's your will and your sense of self."