The Sneaky Trick That Can Help You Cover Up Stretch Marks

While we may refer to our stretch marks by cutesy nicknames like "tiger stripes," the fact remains that many of us would really just like to be rid of these discolorations on our bellies, boobs, and thighs. While stretch marks are often associated with pregnancy, they can also be caused by too-rapid weight gain or loss, or even by the body changes brought about by puberty.

While numerous lotions, potions and herbal concoctions on the market offer to help fade or reduce such marks, as well as more invasive (and expensive) medical procedures such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser therapy (via Medical News Today), there is little evidence that any of these treatments are really effective. What's more, Medical News Today notes that many stretch marks will fade over time without any treatment whatsoever.

That's all well and good, but what if you want to wear a low-cut dress or a bikini now, and you don't have a few years to wait? In that case, your best bet may be to cover up those stretch marks using this one sneaky trick courtesy of Modern Mom: makeup applied with a paintbrush.

How to use the paintbrush technique for covering stretch marks

In order to harness the magic of makeup to help you tame those tiger stripes, you'll need three different products: concealer, foundation, and finishing powder. Choose a shade that matches your body skin tone, not that of your face, as these may not be an exact match. Make sure your makeup is waterproof, too, since your body does tend to sweat.

First apply the concealer, using a small paintbrush to ensure that you're only covering the stretch marks and not the surrounding skin. Press the concealer down with a makeup sponge, then paint a thin layer of foundation on top. Finally, apply powder to set the foundation. If you really want to make sure your makeup remains put, give it a spritz of matte setting spray.

If you're feeling particularly bold and/or wishing to channel your bad middle school self, you can even finish up with a little body glitter. This should have the desired effect of distracting all eyes away from your stretch marks — or at least adding some shine and sparkle to those stripes!