The Reason Fans Are Unhappy With The ACE Family

With nearly 18 million subscribers, The ACE Family has quickly become a fan favorite YouTube channel. Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz typically upload videos quite frequently, but their recent posting schedule has some viewers frustrated. 

At the end of December, McBroom and Paiz went on hiatus to enjoy their Christmas holiday with their family, and since have only posted two news videos to their channel. Fans hoping for more ACE family content were unhappy with this decision and took to Twitter to vent. One fan wrote, "u said 10 days of filming and posting I was generally excited. Dont [sic] make promises u can't keep!" (via Dexerto). As a result, McBroom went on a Twitter rant, angering fans further.

Austin McBroom called fans 'ungrateful

Responding to the backlash, Austin McBroom tweeted, "Some of y'all are ungrateful for free content. Some of y'all should be charged every time you watch someone's video. Idk why y'all think its [sic] just so easy to make videos every day or every other day. If it was so easy everyone including yourself would be doing it..." Since then, McBroom has deleted the string of tweets after fans began to angrily tweet back that he was able to buy his $10 million house this year due to the family's success and their fans' dedication.

Other YouTube stars responded to McBroom's dramatic response and said that he needs to let go of his inflated ego. Brittany Broski, a TikTok star that goes by Kombucha Girl wrote, "... being a content creator is a dream job, you get paid to film yourself having fun. Get that nasty s— off my TL. Be grateful for the life you have" (via Insider). 

This isn't the first time Austin McBroom has been at the center of controversy

The ACE Family is no stranger to controversy. In January 2019, Austin McBroom came under fire when he purchased a phallic-shaped lollipop for a young family member, and posted the video for fans. The backlash was swift as he was accused of sexualizing the child (via BuzzFeed). But then, in October 2019, YouTuber and makeup artist Cole Carrigan came forward with allegations of rape against McBroom (via Newsweek). This prompted many (former) fans to call for the family to be "canceled." 

We can only wonder how fans are feeling about the family now. Is this the last straw for the fans of The ACE Family? Only time will tell.