This Is How Much Winnie Harlow Is Actually Worth

Winnie Harlow made a major splash when she appeared on cycle 21 of America's Next Top Model back in 2014. As the first-ever contestant on the show with skin condition vitiligo, Harlow stood out even if she didn't end up coming first. However, her unique look solidified Harlow's standing as one of the most unique models in the industry, as well as one of the most successful America's Next Top Model contestants ever.

These days, Harlow splits her time between activism, modeling, and being a spokesperson. Her considerable net worth to date is unsurprising given her standing as both an in-demand fashion model and a voice for people struggling with a condition many still don't fully understand. 

Winnie Harlow is a model, activist, and spokesperson

Celebrity Net Worth lists Harlow's impressive achievements thus far, including being a brand ambassador for Desigual, gracing the covers of Glamour magazine's Spanish and Italian variations, as well as those of Complex, Ebony, and Cosmpolitan. She's featured in ad campaigns for Sprite and Swavorski and was named one of BBC's 100 Women in 2016. A high-profile collaboration with KKW Beauty catapulted Harlow further into the stratosphere.

The ANTM alum has also made several notable appearances in music videos for big-name artists including Eminem, in his "Guts Over Fear" (which also featured Sia), "Lemonade" by Beyoncé, and Calvin Harris's club banger with Sam Smith, "Promises." She won the 2015 Beauty Idol Award from the Gala Spa Awards, as well as the Role Model award from GQ Portugal that same year. 

Winnie Harlow has earned considerable coin in a short time

In spite of winning an award for being just that, Harlow told Forbes in 2019 she doesn't believe in role models. "I don't think anyone should be put on a pedestal or made to feel like someone you should emulate," she said. As the unique and very vocal model and activist sees it, "You should want to be yourself."

Harlow may enjoy the glitz and glamour, but fame takes its toll sometimes too, with the beauty admitting, "There's times when I won't even go outside because I feel like I can't be myself. ...When I take 50 pictures every single day, I am no longer belonging to myself." As grateful as she is for every opportunity, "I don't believe in being the people's person. I appreciate the love and I want to reciprocate that love, but I also need to be able to feel like a human being and not a statue in a museum."

Her ability to always shine through as uniquely herself has netted Harlow a massive $3 million to date, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and that number is sure to grow as her reach increases.