Minimalist Makeup Trends You Should Know About In 2020

Minimalists, rejoice! There are some seriously natural beauty trends predicted for 2020 and you're going to want to try out each and every one of them. From barely-there foundation to lit from within glows, this year there's something minimalist for everyone — even your OTT makeup-obsessed friend — and they've all already been endorsed by the likes of supermodels Emily Ratajkowski and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. 

So whether you're someone who hates spending your precious time applying makeup or just prefer a more pared-down look, grab what you need for your minimalist makeup routine and try out these gorgeous 2020 trends.

Sheer products will be on trend in 2020

If you hate doing your makeup, you're going to love this 2020 trend because it's all about embracing your natural beauty. "I think sheer, more natural products are going to be the focus this season," celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta told Who What Wear. "Less is definitely more for spring 2020," he continued. Kelsey Deenihan, celebrity makeup artist and Lorac artistry advisor, agreed, adding, "I'm seeing a major return to skin that looks like skin — a cleaner, more realistic complexion." She elaborated, "We're really taking a step back from faux-looking skin that peaked in popularity over the last couple years." Finally!

Subtle pops of color will be big in 2020

Even though you're a minimalist, you shouldn't shy away from adding pops of color to your look, especially when it comes to your eyes. "Keep your makeup fresh by focusing on clean skin and a neutral eye," celebrity makeup artist Ash Hom explained to Marie Claire. "Then, add a pop of color to the inner-corners of your eyes. Adding a color in the tear duct of your eyes is just enough edge to make your makeup pop." It's way more subtle than a bold lip and is a safe way to add a bit of personality.

2020 will be all about the pre-highlight glow

"Glow will never be out of trend," Sofia Schwarzkopf Tilbury, creative executive of Charlotte Tilbury, told Who What Wear. "But for 2020 I feel like highlighting products and complexion boosters are really going to get amped up for the ultimate flawless glow," she continued. According to celebrity makeup artist Nikki DeRoest, it's going to be all about the pre-highlight glow. "After a moisturizer, I'll use a liquid highlighter, massaging it into the cheekbones, up on the forehead, and down the nose," she explained to Refinery29. "That first layer of glow comes through the foundation and concealer and reads as radiant skin, not makeup."