The Real Differences Between Bronzer And Blush

No beauty bag is complete without at least one bronzer and one blush. Whether you prefer a more natural look or full-blown glamour, they're both commonly referred to by makeup pros as the perfect tool to achieve a healthy-looking complexion and are considered an absolute necessity. But what exactly are the real differences between bronzer and blush? Why use one over the other? Should we really be using them together?

According to Byrdie, the main point of difference between the two makeup products is that bronzer adds glow while blush adds color. "Bronzer is all about making the skin look healthier," celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo told Cosmopolitan. Ultimately, you want to use your bronzer to add warmth and definition. Blush, on the other hand, is all about adding a natural flush to your cheeks. "Blush gives your face a concentrated pop of color," Paula Dorf, makeup artist and founder of Paula Dorf Cosmetics, told Real Simple.

The major difference between bronzer and blush is how they are applied

Bronzer and blush also differ in terms of application. When it comes to applying bronzer, Shirley Pinkson, makeup artist and cofounder of W3ll People, told Well+Good, "The first key is to get yourself a really soft brush," to avoid pigment sticking to it. The second key is to only sweep it to the areas of your faces where the sun would naturally hit. "Applying it in the C shape makes it really simple, fresh, and it will define your complexion more,"  advised Pinkson. In comparison, blush should be placed in the apple of your cheek. "A lot of people do blush placement wrong — too far in or too low," says makeup artist Amber Talarico revealed to MindBodyGreen. "Start at the apple of the cheek — smiling always helps find this — then sweep back toward the top of the ear to create a lifting effect." 

If you want to wear the two together, Pinkson recommends adding a touch of highlighter for best results. "I always suggest to start with the bronzer, then put on blush and then highlighter if you want. I leave highlighter for last because if you've been heavy-handed with blush or bronzer, it softens it all on top and brings it all together."