Gemini Traits That Make You A Good Partner

Geminis have something of a bad reputation — they are known as being two-faced, deceptive, and overly talkative. On the more positive side of things, however, they are lively, intellectual, and adventurous. They're a sign who loves a change of scenery and thrives off stimulation, and they're affectionate, kind, and love to surround themselves with people (via The Love Queen). That doesn't sound so bad after all, does it?

A Gemini can be a wonderful mate despite the stigma that surrounds this weird and lovable twin sign. Here are a few traits that make a Gemini a must-have partner.

Geminis know how to keep a spark alive

Born between May and June, this group of charming people is incredibly romantic. They are smooth talkers, flirtatious, and can easily read others' emotions. This means if you're a Gemini, you know how to keep the spark alive. You know how to make your significant other feel special and adored at all times. Things never get dull around you, air sign.

On a more serious note, being intelligent is obviously a great trait to have and Geminis fall into that category. They are fast thinkers, observant, and they can easily detect a lie. This means that as a Gemini, you'll really pay attention to your partner's needs and make sure they are fulfilled. And you'll never beat around the bush. If someone's lying to you and you feel as if you're being treated poorly, you'll say so (via Power of Positivity). 

Geminis are a fun and outgoing sign

Astrologer Kyle Thomas writes, "[Geminis] are attracted to partners who are adventurous, free-spirited, and have a wild or eccentric streak. [Geminis] like someone who will experiment, but also may stir up a little spice — or drama — to keep you always working for something new." These are traits that Geminis look for in a partner are because they feel the same sense of wonderment for life. Geminis yearn for new experiences and fresh discoveries. 

You can bet that life is going to be fresh and fun with a Gemini (via Elite Daily), because they don't settle for boredom, that's for sure.