The Truth About Inner Lip Tattoos

Inner lip tattoos have got to be one of the coolest tattoos around. What could be better than a hidden tattoo that you can let as many (or as few) people you want to know about? Nothing. However, given they are literally inside your mouth, there are certain considerations and things you need to be aware of that don't apply to other tattoos, as there are definite pros and cons of inner lip tattoos. Luckily, Emily Effler, a tattoo artist of The Honorable Society Tattoo Parlor and Lounge, shared all the details with Hello Giggles

Like finger tattoos, inner lip tattoos are more likely to fade than other tattoos. "Before I even agree to do a lip tattoo I want to make sure the client knows this may not even stay," Effler told Hello Giggles. "Everyone heals differently and our skin is constantly shedding, especially the mouth. What we call 'fall out' is fairly common in lip and finger tattoos because of this." She added that they also "rarely turn out perfectly."

Inner lip tattoos often come with a higher price tag

However, despite the higher chance of fading, inner lip tattoos come one of the highest price tags in the tattoo world. "They usually are more expensive than the shop minimum because they are harder to do that an arm or a leg tattoo," Effler said. "The process is more tedious and dangerous for the artist because of how the area must be handled, so prepare to pay extra for that. If you're going to pay extra for a tattoo that might not last, you should make sure it's worth it."

If you're thinking of getting an inner lip tattoo, it's important to be aware of the prep involved. "Try and get a good night's sleep," Effler told Hello Giggles. "Getting tattooed can really take it out of you and not functioning on fumes is a big advantage. Eat a good meal beforehand. Your body is going through a trial and needs fuel to cope," she added. You should also stay away from alcohol as it can thin your blood. "Everyone bleeds during a tattoo, but with thinned blood, it is happening on a stronger level," she explained.

Aftercare is the same — stay away from alcohol and smoking. "I usually recommend a mouthwash called Biotene," she said. "It is free of alcohol and therefore lessons that burning sensation while you're swishing."