Pigtail Hairstyles You'll Be Asking For In 2020

Pigtails get a rep for being childish or for little kids — something you may sport when you're in third grade. But this hairstyle is more than just a toddler's 'do. In 2020, the pigtail is making a comeback in a more grown-up version and it's more stylish than ever. Don't let your 8-year-old self hold back your future adult self. Whether it's low braids, high ponies, or a sleek style, jump on the bandwagon with these amazing pigtail styles that are bound to have heads turning. Not only are they fun and unexpected, pigtails are also an exciting way to switch up your look if you're getting tired of the same old style.

You'll want to rock high bun pigtails in 2020

This look takes traditional pigtails and flips it on its head. Channel your inner Sailor Moon with this hot look that keeps your hair away from your face and still looks fun. Create this look by putting your hair into two high pigtails (or low, if you're looking to switch it up) on both sides of your part. Begin to wrap your hair around the base into two buns. Thicker hair will probably work better with this look and experimenting with braiding can create great texture. After the hair is wrapped, tie them off with a scrunchie or hairband (via Cosmopolitan). 

Pigtail plaits can be messy or sleek this year

You can never go wrong with braided pigtails. This look can be worn on the runway and in the gym. It's a classic touch in a cool style. In order to keep this look smooth, use hair oil or hair spray to keep down any flyaways and smaller hairs. Experiment by getting an ombre hair color which will create a fun look as the braids interweave with the color. This look works especially well with long hair which can create a dramatic braided look. 

Go for a messier look without the hair oil for another fun style. Tina Outen from L'Oréal Professionnel told Harper's Bazaar that messy double braids are "strong, yet unapologetically feminine."

High-top pigtails will be on trend in 2020

Gather some inspo from your childhood class photo and rock some high pigtails for a fun, sassy look. This is an effortless look that can be played up with ribbons or accessories to create a sexy, playful style (via Cosmopolitan). Work crimping into this style or even braid your hair as it sits high on your head (via DIYS.com). 

It turns out we've got Alexander Wang to thank for this look coming back, as his December 2019 show paved a path for these styles in 2020 (via The Cut). What are you waiting for? Go rock these styles and prove that pigtails aren't just for kids. 

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