Almond-Shaped Nail Ideas You'll Be Asking For In 2020

Almond nails are a sleek, soft, and feminine look for acrylic, gel, or natural nails. The shape is a slightly tapered point that gives your fingers more length. They appear slightly thinner than with a simple round-shaped nail, but are more subtle than coffin and stiletto nails. Since they still have a natural shape, you can go wild with color and pattern. 

Beautiful Designs reports that almond-shaped nails are all the rage in 2020, and if you want to jump on the trend, check out these four flawless designs that will make your hands pop. 

Dark almond-shaped nails will be on trend in 2020

This classy look isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In the 2020 Tommy Hilfiger runway show, nail artist Naomi Yasuda went for 1970s inspiration when it came to the models' nails. Marie Claire said the artist created "almond-shaped tips drenched in deep, moody shades." And with 2020 fashions looking a lot like the 1970s, we are here for this look and this color. 

A matte look in a dark color can be dressed up with designs and rhinestones or can be worn as is for a simplified but chic style (via Glam Advice). Going with a bold, dark color is perfect for colder winter months. It oozes a sultry-vibe and is bound to be eye-catching. 

Go for almond-shaped nails with marbling

Marbling on almond nails will definitely be a huge trend through 2020 (via The Trend Spotter). This design allows you to experiment with color, design, or just feature one or two nails with the marble. Pairing marble with an almond nail presents a classy and artistic look. It's a perfect match.

Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann told Harper's Bazaar that the almond shape is the "chicest nail shape in the fashion world," so make it even more chic by adding this design.

Put a French manicure with red tips on your almond-shaped nails

French tips are back and they are hotter than ever. Dress up your french manicure with a bold color instead of a boring white (that's so early 2000s). You can go with a thick tip or a thin line at the end of your almond nail to create the look you want. Going with a bright red is a perfect look for Valentine's Day or any day when you want to make a bold statement. 

What makes this look different from the early aughts is that it isn't being applied to the square blunt nail, but has been upgraded to a sleek and feminine 2020 version with the almond nail. Cosmopolitan suggests the micro French manicure for a very subtle look.

Give your almond-shaped nails jungle vibes in 2020

Overall, 2020 looks like a year for minimalism. But our last top pick of the new decade has to be something really wild, just for fun. Cosmopolitan reports that animal prints will definitely be a continued trend this year and will make its way to nails as it is fun, funky, and leaves room for a lot of experimentation. Animal print can be displayed in so many ways: From bright neon, to classic tiger, to cow-print, to just the tips. This is a fun summer look that you can match with your midi leopard print skirt.