What Teddy From Full House Looks Like Now

Teddy from Full House was one of the most adorable kid characters on '90s television, and Tahj Mowry played the role. Starring alongside the character of Michelle, played by the Olsen twins in the popular sitcom, the young and talented Mowry is proud of the work he did. "It's such a blessing to, you know, have been a part of a show like that," he told the Today show. "I think it was the family aspect of it. I think nowadays it's hard to find a show that your whole family can sit down and enjoy every week." And it's one that people even continue to binge-watch today!

Though, unfortunately, Mowry was never cast in Netflix's nostalgic reboot Fuller House, which was later canceled, he explained to Life & Style that he knows exactly what Teddy would be up to today: "I would like to think that [Teddy] married Michelle. There's no other route I would want him to go." But it's also got us wondering — what does Teddy from Full House look like now?

Tahj Mowry's transformation into Teddy from Full House

Tahj Mowry began playing Teddy from Full House when he was just 5 years old, according to People. In fact, it was, in part, because of his early endeavors in his acting career that his parents relocated their family to Los Angeles. "My mom became my manager," he explained to AfterBuzz TV of their move.

Aside from balancing a career and kindergarten, Mowry lived a pretty normal childhood. When he wasn't working, his parents enrolled him in school rather than homeschooling him, and, because of this, he admits he had no clue his job was making him a serious salary until later in life. "I had no idea how much money I was making at all," he divulged.

Mowry spent four years working on Full House before shooting his exit episode in 1995, when his character's family moves away. It was a sad series ending that he had to portray as an actor at such a young age. However, he admitted to Today to being "hyped for that," adding, "I had to get in touch with the serious side of Teddy." And little did he know at the time, his acting career would only grow from there.

The actor behind Teddy from Full House held many minor roles

After his time playing Michelle Tanner's BFF Teddy from Full House, Tahj Mowry went on to portray even more minor roles in other major television shows. In 1996, he played a young boy named Corin on Star Trek: Voyager and was credited as "Little Boy" during a scene in the infamous Central Perk coffee shop in Friends. Even though he didn't have a large role on the series, he was thrilled to be a part of the show. "Being on Friends was awesome," Mowry divulged to the Today show, adding, "I was in a scene with all of the cast, which was really cool." Not many of the show's guest stars can say that!

Aside from his role as Teddy from Full House, of course, Mowry has said that he often has fans commenting about his appearance in Friends. In the episode, his young character listens to Phoebe sing a musical number about sexuality that went over his head when he was young. "I ... remember how funny that scene was watching back as an adult," Mowry explained of the Emmy-winning episode. "'Cause, like, I didn't get any of what Phoebe's song was about."

The actor who played Teddy from Full House grew up with famous twin sisters

While Tahj Mowry was growing up on screen, so were his famous sisters, twins Tia Mowry-Hardrict and Tamera Mowry-Housley. While he held down the role of Teddy from Full House, his sisters had their own show appropriately called Sister, Sister, and he's happy they were able to maintain a strong bond during this time. "Having the right people around you is really important," Mowry told AfterBuzz TV. "And I realize not everyone has that family — close-knit family vibe — that, you know, my family has."

Mowry made quite a few appearances on his sisters' show before they all took on a project together. In 2000, the Mowry trio starred in a television movie called Seventeen Again. In the movie, Mowry and sister Mowry-Hardrict portray siblings on screen, while Mowry-Housley played their grandmother who suddenly was transformed into a teenager. 

Tahj Mowry wishes he and his sisters could work together like that more often. "You don't have to work for chemistry. ... You've grown up with this person," he told AfterBuzz TV, adding, "I think it comes out better too, because we're both, like, feeding off of each other, and, you know, that's like being at home." And we're not the only ones who would love to see another project starring the three of them together! "Hopefully in the future," Mowry added.

The actor known as Teddy from Full House starred as a Smart Guy

By the time the actor who played Teddy from Full House had appeared multiple times on his sisters' popular television show and held minor roles on many other Hollywood hits, the adorable young actor knew he deserved a show of his own. When he was just 9 years old, he went into the offices of Warner Bros. and pitched an idea. "I was like, 'Yo, what's up? It's me. Gimme a show. Let's do this!" Tahj Mowry described to MTV News. And that's when Smart Guy was born.

"It was kind of, you know, the thing that catapulted me," Mowry explained to WhoSay. "I did Full House prior to that, but Smart Guy was, like, my show!"  

The series centers around his character, kid genius T.J. Henderson, who skips six grades and must learn to adjust to high school as a 10-year-old kid. Not only did the show teach Mowry what it meant to have a starring role, but it also may have accelerated his education as well. "I learned a lot. I got to use a lot of big words that I still don't know what they mean!" he said to WhoSay, laughing.

The actor who played Teddy from Full House made his debut on the Disney Channel

Though Smart Guy originally aired on the WB, in 2000, the Disney Channel began showing reruns of the three-season series after it ended, as noted by Teen Vogue. It was then that the channel responsible for catapulting many young stars' careers, including those of Demi Lovato and the actress behind Ren from Even Stevens, changed Tahj Mowry's too by introducing him to the network's younger audience.  

In 2001, after finishing up the TV movie Seventeen Again with his sisters, Mowry became an even bigger Disney star when he received roles in two Disney Channel original movies, Hounded and The Poof Point. "It was just, like, the same crew, and it was just like a really fun experience," he told Mingle Media TV. Making these movies, he admitted, was his favorite experience with the network, as he got to work alongside other young actors his age. "Those were awesome times," the actor behind Teddy from Full House added. "Back then, they did one every month, I think it was, and now they don't do 12 in a year." Those were the good old days!

The man known for playing Teddy from Full House did voiceover work

Following his role in Disney Channel television movies, Tahj Mowry was chosen to be part of an original series on the network. In 2002, he took a step away from the camera for a new challenge. He voiced the tech-savvy sidekick Wade on the animated series Kim Possible. However, it wasn't that different than acting on screen. "It's the same thing. It's just you're not on camera," he told AfterBuzz TV. Plus, there's an added perk, "And it's just your voice, so you can go to work in pjs," he laughed.

Having spent five years working on the animated series, Mowry also lent his voice to the Kim Possible video games that came along with the popular action-packed series. During those five years, he grew up a lot. "In between, I remember I would have to start pitching my voice back down because my voice was changing during it," the man who once played Teddy from Full House told WhoSay. "So that was interesting because I was playing a 10-year-old kid behind the computer."

Now that Mowry is an adult, he hopes to do voiceover work again someday. "Voice is so fun," he told AfterBuzz TV. "It's something that I will never want to stop doing."

The man who once portrayed Teddy from Full House took a break from acting

As Tahj Mowry took a step behind the camera, he slowly decided he needed to take a step back from the spotlight, too. "For me, it was all about taking a break," he told MusicXclusives TV. "I took a break to live life and be like a normal high school kid."

Thankfully, finishing up his time on the Disney Channel allowed him the flexibility to live life as an average teenager. "I was doing Kim Possible for the four years that I wasn't really on screen acting," he told AfterBuzz TV. "I was like, 'Okay, I'll still do this because it doesn't take up too much time, and I can still go to school and do all that.'"

Mowry says that being forced by his parents to attend school in person as a child while acting helped to make his life transition from child star to adult a lot smoother of an experience than most former kid actors get. "Now I am so thankful for that — that I can turn off the glitz and glamour of Hollywood," the actor know for playing Teddy from Full House admitted on his sister Tia Mowry-Hardrict's YouTube channel. "That's just how we were raised."

The actor behind Teddy from Full House went to college on a sports scholarship

"Whenever I wasn't working, I had my butt back in normal school. I went from the [TV] set to football practice, from the set to track practice," Tahj Mowry told Ebony. "My parents separated it and that let me know that TV life wasn't my normal life; that was my job and my hobby." While attending high school, he took up a pretty normal hobby on his Varsity football team. "I actually got a football scholarship to Savannah State," he told MusicXclusives TV.

While he enjoyed living the college experience most actors never get to have, Tahj Mowry, also known as Teddy from Full House, missed the world of media, so he quit football and transferred to Pepperdine University to study advertising. "That's what I studied in college before... I dropped out," he admitted to AfterBuzz TV.

Though Mowry was able to experience the best of both worlds, it was stepping away from the spotlight that made him realize he was born to perform. "I just wanted to make sure that acting was something that I really wanted to do," he said of his college experience.

The actor who starred as Teddy from Full House had a web series

Tahj Mowry divulged in an interview with MusicXclusives TV that sometimes the best thing is "stepping away and allowing people to want more of you and miss you." The Disney Channel star explained, "You don't want people to get sick of you." However, it seems his fans did want more, so, when his friend Jeremy Fall asked him to work on a web show, he jumped at the opportunity. "It would just give the fans the chance to feel like they were hanging out with us," he explained to AfterBuzz TV.

The two released weekly episodes of their web series called Space 58, where they would work without a script — detailing their daily lives from the couch and performing random skits when they felt like being jokesters. It quickly became one of the most popular shows on the platform UStream.

Though the pair only released episodes for about a year, there may just be more vlogging in Mowry's future. "We've talked about actually sometime in the near future maybe making it more of a TV show type feel where can bring people to interview," he said. Of course, we would love to see more of the man once known as Teddy from Full House!

The man behind Teddy from Full House took on the role of uncle

In the 2010s, the actor who played Teddy from Full House became an uncle for the very first time. As of early 2020, between Tahj Mowry's twin sisters, he has four nieces and nephews to spoil (via People), and his niece Ariah seems to think he's pretty special. "He's the only one in our family that Ariah doesn't give the side eye to," his sister Tamera Mowry-Housley laughed as she divulged on her talk show The Real, noting, "He is an amazing uncle."

As Mowry doesn't yet have any of his own children, the actor once known as Teddy from Full House loves that he is able to still surround himself with kids while fully focusing on his entertainment career. "I always say, it's the best form of birth control because you can just give the baby back," he laughed as he told MusicXclusives TV. However, don't get him wrong — he'd love to have adorable little Teddys someday too. "Maybe in the future," he told Black Hollywood Live. "But not anytime soon. I'm busy with them!"

The guy who played Teddy from Full House starred on another big show

Tahj Mowry's nieces and nephews may have given him major inspiration for his next role on television. Soon after his first nephew was born, Mowry began playing Tucker on the comedy television series Baby Daddy. And as the actor who played Teddy from Full House grew up working on sitcoms, it seemed like the perfect show for him to be a part of as he made his first jump back into television. "It feels like I'm coming back home in a sense," he told Hollywood Life (via Yahoo! Entertainment). And, in fact, it truly was meant to be. Baby Daddy director Michael Lembeck also directed Mowry on the episode of Friends on which he appeared when he was still just a kid actor. "So that was sort of a full circle moment," Mowry excitedly told the Today show.

Even after his break from television, Mowry is happy he is able to balance being both a normal family man and a famous entertainer. "I've been able to come and go [in the industry as I please] and it's been a blessing," he told Ebony.

The actor who played Teddy from Full House is constantly asked to do a reality show

Though Tahj Mowry has revealed a lot about his personal life on his web series Space 58, don't expect to see a reality show with his famous family in his future — though we would absolutely be watching it. "I don't want to do the reality show," he told AfterBuzz TV, and he's not budging on that decision.

With his sister Tamera Mowry-Housley as a host of talk show The Real, his sister Tia Mowry-Hardrict hosting the YouTube series Tia Mowry's Quick Fix, and both twins starring in the reality show Tia & Tamera, they may be used to divulging their personal lives on camera, but for their little bro, the answer is still no. "They ask me, like, every day," he said.

"I don't find the appeal in, like, having four cameras around you while you're at lunch with your sisters," the man once known as Teddy from Full House admitted, adding, "I'd just rather, like, stuff my face, like, with no cameras around." We do agree with him on that.

The man who portrayed Teddy from Full House has a singing career

When the actor who played Teddy from Full House was on a break from Baby Daddy, he found himself attending multiple concerts. "I just love going to shows," he told AfterBuzz TV. "That's, like, the main thing I do when I'm on hiatus." It was then that he decided to let his voice truly be heard in a much different way. "I've always wanted to sing, and it's just, you know, a timing sort of thing," he said. But, in 2015, it was finally time.

That year, Tahj Mowry released his first album, Future Funk, to the world. Describing it as a mix of Prince and Lenny Kravitz, Mowry wanted people to hear a sound from him they hadn't yet heard before. "I want to make a blend of genres, and do something that no one has done before," he explained to Vibe. "For me, it seems like everything on the radio is the same five songs."

To The Wendy Williams Showhe shared, "Music is such a passion of mine, and I feel so blessed to be at a point in my life where I can really show that now."

The actor who gained fame playing Teddy from Full House wants a future in film

At this point, it's obvious that Tahj Mowry can do just about anything. So, what's next for this young star? "In the future you're going to see me doing more film," he told Ebony. "I want to show the more serious side of me as an actor. I just want to be able to showcase my range." And showcase his range, he will. The actor decided to take a break from sitcoms and channel his serious inner "Teddy moving away from San Francisco" side to star in the movie Welcome Matt

"I play somebody who went through a traumatic experience, so he has agoraphobia so he can't leave his home," Mowry told Romper, which definitely sounds a bit different than his days as Teddy from Full House. "That's what acting is all about: challenging yourself and doing things people wouldn't expect," he told Ebony.

Mowry has also mentioned perhaps directing or writing his own movie and has dropped hints of releasing another album, so who knows what his future holds! After all, he told AfterBuzz TV, "I gotta stay busy!"