Signs That You're A High Maintenance Girlfriend

The phrase "high maintenance" gets thrown around a lot, but most people never think that it could actually apply to themselves. Being high maintenance can spell doom for a relationship, so self-awareness is the first step in becoming a less demanding girlfriend. But just how can you tell if you are high maintenance?

According to Cosmopolitan, some signs that you may be high maintenance are expecting your partner to always text you first thing in the morning, expecting them to respond to your messages right away, and wanting them to only take you out on expensive dates. Expecting your partner to check in with you before going out with their friends is another sign that you're high maintenance (and is also a sign of being too clingy). Expecting your partner to hang on to your every word as if they're being quizzed is another way to tell if you're high maintenance.

In short, being high maintenance is about not respecting your partner's boundaries and expecting your relationship to revolve around you. A healthy relationship is all about give and take.

Not everyone who is accused of being a high maintenance girlfriend actually is

That being said, if you're not exhibiting selfish behavior in your relationship, you should be wary of a partner who claims that you're high maintenance. The term is often weaponized against women. As the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy's Armele Philpotts told HuffPost, partners who claim their girlfriends are high maintenance may actually be the ones in the wrong. "They refuse to take responsibility in resolving difficulties, preferring to label you as the problem," said Philpotts.

Counselor Gurpreet Singh warned that the term is often used to unfairly criticize. "Calling someone high maintenance is normally saying these demands are unreasonable and you are a bad person for having them," Singh told the outlet.

As long as you're communicating with your partner and your expectations are reasonable, it's not out of line for you to want a partner who meets your needs.