The Truth About The Third Property Brother, JD Scott

In case you missed it, Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott have an older brother, James Daniel, better known as JD. According to Country Living, he's almost two years older than the twins but is just as close, appearing alongside the duo in Property Brothers at Home and Brother vs Brother, and living nearby them in Las Vegas.

What many people don't know about JD Scott is that he was actually in the entertainment industry long before his younger brothers. He's written, acted, directed, and produced a bunch of shows and films, like The Oracle, Makeover Manor, and Karma Inc, and used to be a performer at Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas (via IMDb). He also co-founded Scott Brothers Entertainment with his two brothers, and is often at hard at work behind the scenes.

JD Scott is currently battling a mystery illness

Outside of work, JD Scott spends most of his spare time with his long-term partner, model, and makeup artist Annalee Belle. The two married in November 2019 with Scott describing the occasion on Instagram as "one of the most epic celebrations I have ever witnessed." They are often pictured traveling the world or living a regular life with the rest of their families.

Most recently, JD Scott has been in the news after announcing in July 2019 that he had been battling a mystery illness for over a year (via House Beautiful). In September 2019, he shared an update on Facebook, writing, "On the positive side, I'm still feeling better than I did last year or even the beginning of this one." However, he also noted that the illness is still yet to be diagnosed despite seeing an endless list of doctors and experts. As of September, he was working with a functional doctor, Scott Jacobson of Wishing Wellness Medica, to try and find some answers.