How Vanderpump Rules' Stassi Schroeder Really Feels About A Prenup With Beau Clark

Vanderpump Rules OG cast member Stassi Schroeder is deep in preparation mode for her upcoming nuptials with fiancé Beau Clark. The happy couple is set to tie the knot in Italy this October. Although she recently told Page Six getting older is hard because, "I wish I could just like, go back and just not know any better. But unfortunately, I do know better," Schroeder is ready for her happily ever after.

However, the always pragmatic New York Times bestselling author is prepared in the event things don't work out with Clark. In fact, she isn't shying away from discussing the finer points of committing her life to somebody else — quite the opposite.

Stassi Schroeder finds prenups romantic

Schroeder told Page Six the idea of a prenuptial agreement doesn't scare her, arguing, "I feel like people look at that as like a dirty thing that we shouldn't talk about, but it's honestly, I feel like there is some romanticism to it and being able to be so close to someone that you're willing to have those uncomfortable conversations." In fact, talking about prenups has brought her closer to her, er, beau, which is in stark contrast to cast mates Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, who memorably sparred on the hit show over theirs, and Schroeder's ex, Jax Taylor, who neglected to sign one with wife Brittany Cartwright ahead of their June wedding last year.

Schroeder plans to write extensively about prenups in an upcoming column for her "Basic Bride" series in Glamour, in which she recently discussed how filming her wedding hasn't helped make the planning process any easier. But she isn't complaining, acknowledging it's Vanderpump Rules that's put her in the position she's now in. 

Wedding planning doesn't faze Stassi Schroeder

Schroeder and Clark announced their engagement back in July, settling on a date and location after touring several different venues, according to People. October in Italy was chosen predominantly so people wouldn't be sweating during the ceremony, as the reality star revealed during a live taping of her podcast Basically Stassi at BravoCon in November.

The characteristically frank Schroeder revealed in last month's column for Glamour that she was coerced into having bridesmaids by her closest friends, noting they were "livid" when she initially told them she didn't want any. "They were like, 'We love you, and this means more to us than it does to you. If you don't do bridesmaids, we're going to kill you,'" the Vanderpump Rules star recalled. 

As a result, Schroeder now has nine bridesmaids, including her own sister, Clark's sister, and, naturally, a few of her castmates. Considering how much the Vanderpump Rules cast members make per episode, the author and reality star can certainly afford as many as she wants.