Why Jon From A Million Little Things Looks So Familiar

If Jon Dixon from the hit ABC show A Million Little Things looks familiar it's because the actor who plays him has been entertaining us for decades. Ron Livingston is the actor who portrays Jon and has had some iconic roles in his past. A cult hit that fans love is his turn as Peter in Office Space. Livingston plays the lead role, opposite Jennifer Aniston, who according to IMBb hates his job and wants to rebel against his greedy boss.

From comedy to drama, Livingston has shown his versatility.

He also famously portrayed Jack Berger and broke up with Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City with a post-it. Yep ladies, that's the one. He told the The New York Times, "Flight attendants the world over know Jack Berger and the Post-it note. If I'm on a plane I can usually get, like, an extra Coca-Cola or thing of nuts. So that goes over big."

Livingston has also had bit parts in The Practice, House, The Time Traveler's Wife, and The Conjuring (via IMDb). He says a lot of his roles tend to have a common theme — he plays the jerk. Growing up in the Midwest, he says everyone is so nice that it's fun to play characters that are different.

Ron Livingston has been entertaining us for decades

"There's jerks and there's villains. Villains, I think, are very aware of who they are and what they're doing and their effect on the world. Jerks tend to think they're great guys. There's something really funny about exploring all the things that we think are thoughtful and considerate, but that we actually have no clue how we're affecting everybody around us."

However, his role in A Million Little Things gave him a chance to shift gears once again playing a character who on the outside appears to have a perfect life. In an interview with Variety he explained, "Jon's got it all together and he's gregarious and everybody loves him and he loves everybody, but underneath that there just has to be an unexamined part of himself that he wasn't willing to look at and that brought him to where he ultimately ended."

Livingston says with an incredible ensemble of actors he's looking forward to portraying Jon again, but will A Million Little Things end after season 2? That remains to be seen.