Whatever Happened To Lennie From My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

My Big Fat Fabulous Life first premiered in 2015 and fans of the show will be well aware of Whitney Way Thore's ex Lennie Alehat, who starred in seasons two, three, and four. Though the couple split after an alleged cheating scandal, Thore speaks of Alehat highly. In 2018, the reality TV star wrote on her Facebook (via Starcasm), "Lennie wasn't for me, but he is a good person and has continued to support me even though we broke up 2.5 years ago." But whatever happened to good old Lennie Alehat? What has he been doing since My Big Fat Fabulous Life and what is he up to now?

Following Thore and Alehat's breakup, Lennie unexpectedly showed up on an episode of Catfish. Many viewers believed that tattoo artist Chelsea was getting catfished by a mysterious man behind the screen, but according to TV Shows Ace, it was indeed Lennie. Bustle reported in 2018 that post-filming the two became an official couple, however, there were no signs that they are currently in a relationship on Instagram, though his account is now private.

Lennie Alehat is now a full-time artist

Instead, Lennie dedicates his Instagram profile to his art, though it's now been made private. He often posts work in progress pieces or complete portrait artworks and advertises that he accepts commissions regularly, revealing on the social media platform that it's now his full-time job. At the top of the profile, he tells followers to "DM" him for more information. His most popular pieces appear to be of couples, which seems fitting considering he spent most of his time in the spotlight in some form of a romantic relationship.

When he's not busy painting, Lennie is often pictured spending time with his family and more recently his new nephew. Other times he is seen at sporting events or taking on some extreme sports himself — in July 2019, Lennie proudly posted his experience sky diving, though his account is now private.

As for Whitney? Well, let's just say things are going a little better for her in the dating department these days.