Here's How You Can Stay At Some Of The Boise Boys Houses

The recent boom in the Boise, Idaho housing market could be credited to several different factors, but a major one is definitely the high-profile presence of the so-called Boise Boys (via Boise Dev). Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson, who operate Timber + Love Realty (but are more commonly known by their lovable HGTV moniker, Boise Boys) have made Boise the place to be in much the same way Chip and Joanna Gaines encouraged everybody and their mother to move to Waco, Texas.

However, if you're looking to spend some quality time in your favorite Boise Boys homes without upping sticks to Idaho, they've got you covered. 

On their hit HGTV show, Caldwell and Robertson purchase homes, renovate them, and then re-sell throughout the Boise area, making a tidy profit for themselves while simultaneously spreading the good word about their beloved home town in the process. Local station Wow Country 104.3 recently copped, though, that you don't need to shell out the big bucks to get that Boise Boys feeling.

Fans can rent some of the Boise Boys most famous houses

Several of the duo's homes are actually available for short term rental on Airbnb. A former City of Boise Firehouse at 15th and Fort, for example, will set you back around $229 per night. The listing pushes the house's HGTV fame, noting it was fully renovated on the show and describing the property as, "A unique, one of a kind old firehouse located in the historic North End." Likewise, the so-called "Mural House," from season 2, which is located near the M&W Market, goes for around $165 per night. 

Boise Boys recently announced casting had begun for a new series of the hit show. This time, Boise Boys will focus on helping families remodel their own homes, rather than simply flipping houses. A minimum budget of $75,000 is required, however, while the substantial application form also necessitates a plethora of details about the family themselves.

The show's official Instagram account shared the news last month, writing, "We start filming a brand new show next month and we are looking for families in the Boise area who are outgrowing their house but don't want to move. If you have a budget and want the Boys special touch we would love to hear from you!!" HGTV confirmed the show was returning, but have yet to announce when exactly fans can expect to be reunited with the Boise Boys.