Everything We Know About Joy-Anna Duggar's Pregnancy

If there's one thing the name "Duggar" has become synonymous with, that thing would be large families. The original Duggar crew numbered 19 in all, spanning about 20 years and two generations — Millennials and Gen Z. Over the past decade, the older Duggar kids have started producing little Duggars of their own, with Joy-Anna and hubby Austin joining the Duggar parent club in 2018. Son Gideon arrived almost exactly nine months after the couple tied the knot.

Tragically, Joy-Anna's first attempt at providing Gideon with a sibling ended with a miscarriage. While Joy-Anna was understandably devastated, she never gave up on her dream having a family — well, perhaps not as large as the one she grew up in, but at least a whole house full of pitter-pattering little feet. And now, in the midst of nationwide anxiety, she was finally able to make a joyful announcement sure to cheer up Duggar fans all across this coronavirus-infected world — she's pregnant again!

Joy-Anna Duggar is more excited than nervous about her new baby

It is tough enough having a rainbow baby, as sister-in-law Lauren can attest — Bella Milagro, first child born to Lauren and Josiah Duggar, was also born in the wake of a miscarriage. How much more frightening must it be, then, to be expecting a child in the midst of a global pandemic? (Even if Jill Duggar's hubby Derick did jokingly tweet about a coronavirus-inspired baby boom, leading some to speculate that Jill might possibly be pregnant as well.) Still, it would seem that coronavirus cannot be passed from pregnant moms to their babies, so Joy-Anna shouldn't have to worry too much on that score.

As Joy-Anna shared in a YouTube video confirming her pregnancy, she's "not actually as scared as I thought I was gonna be after miscarrying at 20 weeks. It's just, I thought I was gonna be so nervous, but I'm really not. I'm excited." She also shared her exciting news on Instagram, saying the last few months had been "quite a crazy ride," but reassuring everyone that, about four months into her pregnancy, "Mom and baby are healthy." Her due date is August 19, and in case you can't wait through the entire video to find out, the confetti that was dropped from a helicopter during the big gender reveal party was... pink! Gideon's getting a baby sister! That's Two Kids... and Counting.