Nail Trends To Avoid In 2020

Trends may come and go but gorgeous manicures are here forever. If you agree with this, you're probably all over the latest nail trends of 2020, from Kylie Jenner-style nail art and jelly nails to french manis and glitter nails. But what about the nail trends that should be avoided? Just as trends die in fashion, nails trends die, too.

According to Byrdie, there are several nail styles that were once all the rage and should now be avoided at all costs. One of the more popular styles is actually acrylic nails. But don't fret — they're not referring to all acrylic nails — just the long, square-shaped acrylic styles. As beauty writer Julyne Derrick explains, they look slightly outdated and also not very practical as they tend to catch on things. Instead, if you're a fan of square-shaped nails, keep your acrylics short or better yet, just shape natural nails that way.

Teeth nails, plant nails, and duck nails should never be seen again

Nail Style goes one step further, claiming that there are also some nail trends that just should never have existed. Remember teeth-shaped nail and plant nails? These trends are over and according to Nail Style should never return. Duck nails, where the nail is actually wider at the tip, are another look that was never a good idea. Basically, if a nail trend seems a bit kooky, it's usually not going to last long.

If you're not all over the nail trends of 2020, expect plenty of negative space nail art designs, a return of metallic colors (think gold, silver, and colored), and an updated French mani. "For 2020, instead of a traditional crescent, we'll see new tip styles such as heart shapes, double Frenches, and asymmetrical placement," Sarah Gibson Tuttle of Olive and June told Who What Wear.