The truth about Jay Smith and Ashley Martson's relationship after 90 Day Fiance

While 90 Day Fiancé has featured quite a few unforgettable couples over the years, one of the most memorable pairs from the show is Jay Smith and Ashley Martson. From their whirlwind courtship to their messy breakup, the couple have had more than their fair share of ups and downs.

Now, it looks like they're back together again in spite of the fact that Ashley had seemed to wash her hands of Jay just a few months ago. "I don't really care if he's deported," she told Us Weekly last August. "I just want him to leave me alone."

It seems like in spite of the harsh comments — not to mention both Ashley and Jay dated other people while they were apart — both still harbor deep feelings for each other. "They are back together and they are trying to make it work out," a source told E! News. "[Ashley] wasn't happy without [Jay]. She is trying to make it work, and he is manning up about his behavior more."

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith are still married

Ashley filed for divorce from Jay twice last year, but it seems like they never finalized the split and are planning to stay married as they rekindle their tumultuous romance. They're also practicing social distancing together in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. "They rekindled things over the last week or so and they are planning on staying together through the quarantine," said the anonymous source.

Ashley has gone public with the relationship on Instagram, where she's going by Ashley Smith. Both she and her husband have posted recent videos on their Instagram Stories of them hanging out together. When asked by a fan if they had decided to fight for their marriage, Jay responded (via E! News) ,"We been fighting from day uno."