Gemini Traits That Are Making You A Bad Friend

If you are a Gemini, that means you were born under the sign of the celestial twins and that you may have a tendency towards... well, being kind of hard to pin down. We wouldn't say Geminis are two-faced (that's so harsh!), but let's just say that they let both their Jekyll and Hyde sides come out to play sometimes. If asked to describe a Gemini in just three words, their friends would likely say, "Nope, can't do it. Going to need at least seven. Maybe 10. Perhaps 20?" Even without a word limit, Geminis' friends might still struggle, since sometimes they're one way and sometimes another. Geminis always keep 'em guessing — that might as well be their motto.

And speaking of friends — Geminis aren't always the easiest people to get along with. Introspection may not be their strong suit. Suffice to say, some of the qualities that can make a Gemini so much fun upon first acquaintance tend to get a bit old when they're something their friends must put up with day after day.

Sometimes Geminis think it's all about them

As Power of Positivity pointed out, while Geminis may have many friends, they tend to be their own best friends, or, as the site said, "Gemini loves themselves first." Okay, Geminis are not narcissists, but they often have a constant need to be the center of attention and the life of every party. If anyone else is getting more attention, Geminis are likely not going to take it all that well.

Vice revealed that, even if a Gemini is getting a ton of attention — they're the queen of social media, everything they post gets a ton of likes, and their phone is blowing up all day long — they still won't be satisfied. This may stem from a deep-seated sense of insecurity, but Geminis are not going to stop flitting around like the social butterflies they are in order to take the necessary time to sort out their feelings. This means they may never realize that letting others share the spotlight every now and then won't be the end of the world.

Geminis may flake on friends

YourTango lists Gemini among the zodiac signs that make the worst friends. Why? Because not all Geminis may fully commit to friendships. Geminis may like the idea of having a lot of friends — the more, the better, right? — but their idea of what constitutes being a friend can be more like a Facebook friendship than being somebody who'll actually, you know, provide any intimacy or support. A few likes here, some comments there, meet up for happy hour, brunch on Sunday... it's all fun and games, but they might not really bother with putting in all that much effort when it comes to maintaining friendships. 

All that tough stuff like remembering birthdays or sticking to plans — it's just not Gemini territory, according to Horoscope. It might just feel easier for Geminis to go out and meet new friends than to have to keep up with all those boring details.

Geminis can be fickle

It's okay for a person to get tired of their wardrobe, their car, or their furniture and trade these in for new and improved models if their finances allow, but constantly replacing one set of friends with another is not cool. Cosmopolitan said Geminis make friends very quickly, but then that twin brain takes over and they flip-flop between thinking their new pals are the greatest or aren't worth their time. The paradox is Geminis can be easily bored with people and not everyone can hold their interest for long, but Geminis also hate being alone.

Maybe it's fine with some Geminis to have a constantly rotating cast of new faces (whom they may see as supporting players or just walk-ons in the movie that is their life), but have they ever stopped to consider others' feelings? People who are Geminis may not give it much thought. To be fair, they don't always spend much time thinking about their own feelings, either.

Being buddies with a Gemini can feel like always being on the B-list, as, for a Gemini, it seems like everybody's expendable. So, if you're a Gemini and you want to be a better friend, you have to let your friends know that they mean something to you.