Reality TV Shows That Have Been Canceled And Postponed Due To The Coronavirus

With pretty much everyone being homebound due to the global pandemic, you and everyone else you know has probably been watching a ton of television. While there's no shortage of TV series and movies to binge-watch on Netflix and Hulu, many shows have been either been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus. USA Today reported that viewers may not notice any immediate changes in the 2019/2020 season, but come fall 2020 (aka the 2020/2021 season), those delays will likely become apparent.

"This is the first time every aspect of entertainment — amusement parks, cruise ships, Broadway, TV, motion pictures — and every (TV) platform, streaming, basic cable and network, has been affected," Tom Nunan, a former network and studio president, revealed to the publication. "That's what makes it extraordinarily unprecedented."

Unfortunately, this means reality shows aren't immune. These are all reality TV shows that have been canceled and postponed due to the coronavirus.

The Bachelorette has been postponed due to the coronavirus

"It is with a heavy heart that I come to you tonight because right now at this very minute I should be standing on a very wet driveway with a very excited woman, ready to change lives, but in effect lives have been changed," Chris Harrison began in an Instagram video on March 13, 2020. 

The Bachelor franchise host went on to reveal that The Bachelorette had been postponed for at least two weeks. After that time, Harrison said the team would reassess and hopefully determine a new time frame to begin production.

Bachelorette Clare Crawley also took to Instagram to share the sad news. "Talk about [the] most dramatic season ever!" she joked. "In all seriousness," Crawley continued, "everyone's health is the most important priority at this time ... We are taking it day by day and even hour by hour as this is so unpredictable. All I know for sure is that my heart is so full from all the love and support this far, and am still so excited for my journey to begin!" 

Love Is Blind was renewed and then immediately postponed due to the coronavirus

Since the finale of Love Is Blind's first season, fans have been anxious to know if there'd be a second season. On March 24, 2020, Netflix quelled all our fears about having a one-and-done series and announced on Twitter that Love Is Blind had not only been renewed for one season but two more seasons.

However, that same day, TVLine reported, "Given that TV production is at a standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, the ... series will not return with their sophomore [run] until 2021, though online casting and auditions are now open."

Love Is Blind Season 2 is slated to eventually be filmed in Chicago, Ill., but the Chicago Tribune reported on March 26 that the start date is unknown. "The Chicago Film Office isn't issuing permits through May 15 amid the worldwide coronavirus outbreak," the publication explained, "but the series may not need Chicago film permits." Although Netflix hasn't issued a statement about the delay, it's likely going to be a while before we get a second dose of our favorite pod-based reality show.

America's Got Talent continued to film before eventually postponing production

Unlike many other shows and filmsAmerica's Got Talent was able to maintain its filming schedule in spite of the coronavirus outbreak by using only essential crew members and filming without an audience present, Page Six explained. That changed, however, when Heidi Klum became sick. As a precaution, filming stopped altogether.

"I hope it's just a cold," Klum said of her illness on Instagram (via Page Six). "I would love to do the [coronavirus] test, but there just isn't one here." She explained, "I tried with two different doctors, and I just can't get one." The model and judge of the popular reality show was eventually able to get tested for COVID-19 and revealed on Instagram that the result was negative.

Still, America's Got Talent did not resume. The series remained paused and Klum remained at home to help "flatten the curve" of the novel coronavirus.

My 600-lb Life is postponed until the coronavirus pandemic is resolved

Although many shows were making changes to their filming schedules, TLC's My 600-lb Life seemingly kept filming. This was a potentially unsafe decision, a source divulged to The Hollywood Reporter. "These castmembers have a compromised immune system already," the person explained, noting, "It's super dangerous and none of us wants to be the person who gives it to the castmember."

Production was eventually halted, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but it wasn't until members of the show and others complained. Nevertheless, a spokesperson for the network confirmed to the publication on March 27, 2020 that filming had indeed stopped and would not resume "until the crisis is resolved." The spokesperson continued, saying, "It is our sincere wish that our talent, crews and their families are being safe and staying healthy during this unprecedented time."

Unfortunately, there's no telling when the pandemic will be "resolved," which means there's also no telling when fans can expect production of My 600-lb Life to resume.

Due to the coronavirus, American Idol was postponed... sort of

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, ABC did some fancy footwork with American Idol's programming. As Deadline reported, ABC moved two episodes that were going to air on March 29 and 30 so that they'd instead be spread out over two weeks, airing on March 29 and April 5. The publication further revealed that the live episodes of the series that were slated to hit the air on April 6 would instead be replaced by other network shows.

It was also announced that a two-part special called American Idol: This is Me would air on April 12 and April 19, as it uses pre-recorded footage. Unfortunately, though, all "live shows, including rehearsals with the finalists" have been suspended, as Deadline reported in consultation with sources.

A spokesperson for ABC told the outlet that the network will continue to monitor the situation as well as explore "multiple options within statewide guidelines." She continued, saying, "We will share a production plan as soon as it's in place."

This star is a little relieved that Vanderpump Rules' reunion episode has been postponed

Sorry, Vanderpump Rules fans. The taping of the much-anticipated reunion episode has been postponed, as Stassi Schroeder confirmed in a March episode of her podcast Straight Up With Stassi (via Us Weekly). "It was supposed to be April 3, so obviously not going to happen," the podcaster put it bluntly. However, she's not exactly heartbroken over the postponement. "The reunion is the worst day of the year," she continued. "I dread it. ... It's a f***ing 14 hour day."

But it's not just the reunion that's affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Schroeder's wedding to Beau Clark is scheduled to take place in Italy in October 2020, according to Us Weekly, but that is up in the air given the situation. "So planning a wedding that may be nonexistent is fun," Schroeder lamented on Twitter. "Def recommend."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion is postponed but that gives us something to look forward to

If you've been worried about the fate of the reunion episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, you're far from alone. One curious fan actually tweeted Andy Cohen directly, asking, "[Is] the Atlanta reunion cancelled or just postponed? I gotta know!" That fan didn't have to wait long for an answer. Cohen responded within just a few minutes with a reassuring answer: "Postponed!" He continued, writing, "Omg we all need something to look forward to. And you will get it!" Hallelujah. Although Cohen didn't share when the reunion would be taking place, we can only assume it will, of course, be after the pandemic is contained.

Cohen himself was directly affected by the pandemic, having tested positive for coronavirus shortly after moving the taping of his show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, to his home. Thankfully, Cohen revealed on Instagram on March 30, 2020, that he was "feeling better" and ready to return to filming his show from home. At least we'll have that to watch until RHOA returns, right?

Survivor is postponed to May at the earliest due to the coronavirus

Although Survivor's "Winners at War" season is not impacted by the coronavirus, the following season has already been postponed. According to Entertainment Weekly, Season 41 of the CBS series was originally going to start filming on March 24, 2020. But, just a couple weeks prior to that date, executive producer Jeff Probst announced the postponement of the season by way of a letter to his staff (via Entertainment Weekly).

"It is out of concern for the well-being of all of you that we have taken this step," he wrote. "Our intention is to begin production after the [Season 40] live show. Therefore, subject to new information, our new planned start date for production would be on or about May 19th, 2020." 

Probst further revealed that it remains the goal to film both Seasons 41 and 42. But, for us fans, we'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

The Bachelor Summer Games is canceled due to the coronavirus, but could it still happen?

Yes, there's a lot going on in the world, but that doesn't mean we can't mourn the loss of The Bachelor Summer Games. On March 30, 2020, Variety reported that ABC canceled the series.

As the publication revealed, the series was canceled before it'd even been officially announced by ABC. The show was likely going to be similar in format to The Bachelor: Winter Games, where former contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette competed in themed challenges at a resort.

Considering Summer Games was going to air in conjunction with the now-postponed Summer Olympics, though, it makes sense that the show will no longer continue. Although ABC confirmed the show as canceled as opposed to postponed, we can't help but wonder if The Bachelor Summer Games could accompany the Summer Olympics when they eventually do air in July 2021. We can dream, can't we?

The Amazing Race is postponed for some time due to the coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus began to spread across the globe, CBS made the decision — reportedly out of "an abundance of caution"  — to halt production on The Amazing Race Season 33, The Hollywood Reporter revealed in late February 2020.

"All contestants and production staff are in the process of returning home," CBS revealed in a statement to the publication. "At this time, no Racers or anyone on the production team traveling with them have contracted the virus, or shown symptoms, and we are not aware of anyone being exposed to it." The network continued, writing, "The health and well-being of the Racers and the production team are our top priorities."

CBS unfortunately did not reveal the date when production would pick back up, and The Hollywood Reporter only speculated that it would most likely be "a good distance in the future."