Here's How You Can Stay In Chip And Joanna Gaines' Homes

Chip and Joanna Gaines first graced our television screens in the HGTV hit series Fixer Upper. In fact, its season four finale was so popular that it attracted more than 5 million viewers, according to Vanity Fair. Audiences were truly mesmerized by their fun banter and beautiful renovations. Homes across the country began to embrace their style of farmhouse chic with rustic accents, and of course, shiplap. At the height of this success, fans were shocked when the Chip and Jo announced they wouldn't be coming back for a sixth season

We soon learned that they had even more ambitious plans than just their lifestyle brand Magnolia — they were creating their own TV network. As if that isn't enough, they also have their own restaurant and bakery, home goods store, and have put out multiple books. Staying true to their roots, they have also continued their real-estate ventures with Magnolia Realty.

Which Gaines' homes you can stay in?

In 2018, Chip and Joanna Gaines purchased Waco's Grand Karem Shrine building in order to turn it into a stylish boutique hotel, as reported by the Houston Chronicle. According to the newspaper, officials struggled to figure out what to do with the 92-year-old vacant building before the Gaineses stepped in. They vowed to revamp the historic three-story structure, which is set to debut in 2021. However, if staying here seems too far off, the pair also recently launched Magnolia Stay, which offers vacation rentals.

According to their site, you can rent multiple different properties they've renovated, including the Carriage House that was renovated on season three of Fixer Upper. It's a peaceful getaway in Grapevine, Texas, that has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The weekday rate to stay here is $545, and the weekend rate is $695. 

However, if you want something a little bigger, the Magnolia House could be perfect. The renovation of this historic home was also featured on Fixer Upper. Each room is designed with Joanna's signature style and is located just 20 minutes outside of Waco. The price to stay here on the weekdays is $795, and the weekend rate is $995. 

If you want to live life like the Gaines family, it will obviously cost you, but it's sure to be an experience you won't forget.