The Truth About William And Kate's Zoom Meeting Name

If you're like any royal family watcher, you're probably wondering right now: What are Wills and Kate up to these days while sheltering in place? Are they just busy with their own ever-expanding brood? (The Daily Express is speculating that Kate may be expecting baby No. 4, but then, such pregnancy speculations have been proven wrong in the past.) Or are they, perhaps, still carrying out their royal functions via work-at-home technology? The latter, of course. Prince William and Kate Middleton are dedicated to fulfilling all their senior royal duties, social distancing notwithstanding, as befits the future king and queen of England. Just this week they made a pre-Easter visit via videoconferencing to Casterton Primary Academy, a school that has remained open to care for at-risk children and those whose parents essential workers.

While the video itself was quite adorable — kids in bunny ears, how cute is that? — Town & Country was intrigued by the fact that the royal couple appeared to be using the videoconferencing app Zoom, as so many of us are doing these days. Upon investigation of the video, which was released on Instagram, they determined that the app was, in fact, Zoom, due to the unique font used to display the username. This, in turn, led to further speculation regarding the royal twosome's username of DOC.

The meaning behind William and Kate's Zoom username

What's up (with) DOC? Could this be a homage to Bugs Bunny? Or does Wills (or Kate) harbor a secret desire to be a gunslinger like Doc Holliday? They haven't spoken up about the inspiration behind their abbreviated moniker, but Town & Country speculates that DOC may be an acronym for Duke (or Duchess) of Cambridge. Although why, since it's the two of them, didn't they go with DADOC, for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Perhaps it stands for Duchy of Cambridge, or maybe they just wanted something short and catchy. Whatever, it works.

Oh, and if you were wondering why Kate wasn't wearing her engagement ring in the video, it's just a sanitary precaution, not an indicator that there's any trouble between the two. Well, she does appear a trifle put out that Wills keeps gobbling up all the family's Easter candy. Hee hee, it seems Will's a little short on willpower. Who knew kings-to-be had the same weaknesses we commoners do?

Seeing Wills and Kate on camera is reminding us of a certain TV show theme song from the early '00s. Sing along if you remember: "We're all plugged into one world now, so let's talk, we want to hear from YOU! Come on give it a try, and if you like what you see, turn off your TV and do it! Zoom Zoom Zoom! Come on and Zoom Zoom Zooma Zoom!" (Break it down, bra-bra-bra-break it down!)