Eyeshadow Palettes You'll Be Asking For In Spring 2020

The spring sun is out and beauty companies are responding with new warm weather eyeshadow color palettes. We've got you — and your lids — covered regardless of the occasion. Brands are releasing all sorts of palettes right now from bright and bold to shimmery and soft, pastels and metallic to earthy and interesting. There's really something for all of us. 

The trends this spring are definitely leaning towards rowdy, which is a huge deviation from the recent minimalist makeup trend. Though you can find subtle shades if that's what you're looking for, it's really all about loud and proud colors and combos this season. Basically, if you're planning on attending a musical festival in the coming months, this season is nodding aggressively in your direction. Pigmented primary colors and flashy neon are all over the beauty map, so whether you pick a single shade or a clashy combo, a new palette is a must this spring (via Cosmopolitan). 

I Heart Revolution Bunny Stardust eyeshadow palette

Revolution Beauty London is known for their tongue-in-cheek and themed beauty lines, so it's no surprise they decided to do a not-so-subtle spring shout-out with their seasonal palette this year. "Hey there hop stuff," reads the first line of their product description. Sorry, but subtlety is not the companies strength — adorable and on-trend products obviously are, though. 

They have four different bunny eyeshadow palettes with different tones to choose from: Stardust (Gold), Blossom (Pink), Fluffy (White), and Liquorice (Black). Each bunny comes in hutch-themed packaging and contains eight unique shadows in both matte and shimmer finishes. Revolution's bunny palette is a no-brainer addition to your makeup routine this spring season.

Tarte's Sugar Rush Sunbeams & Daydreams eyeshadow palette

The Sugar Rush Sunbeams & Daydreams palette from Tarte is literally designed with sunshine activities in mind. The company describes the product as a "festival-inspired kit." It's perfect for being the extra-festive friend, or you can use it daily and make your entire spring a little more fun. The eyeshadow palette comes with nine hyper-pigmented shades and a brush. Tarte's packaging is an adorable (when is it not?) sparkly-rainbow-holographic party, and is obviously a must-buy.

Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions eyeshadow palette

Bright and bold are totally in right now, but if you want to go a little softer with your makeup look we still have something for you. Huda Beauty has a line of pastel and shimmery shades out this season that's definitely still unique and with it, just with a milder ethos. Each Huda Beauty Pastels Obsessions Palette offers nine highly pigmented matte shades, metallics, and marbled duos. 

Our favorite in the line is the Pastels Mint Obsessions. It has a super unique combo of both warm and cool shades like soft mint, matte apple green, pistachio, teal, shimmery aqua, honey sparkle, and matte tan shade. Other palettes include Pastel Rose for fair skin and Pastel Lilac that has a more seductive vibe with mauves and dusty matte shades. Huda Beauty really took an inclusive route with their spring line — they really do have a palette for everyone.

Urban Decay's Wired Pressed Pigment eyeshadow palette

Urban Decay made a super versatile palette for spring that is fully on-trend. They acknowledged this season's emphasis on bright and neon looks, but also realized that not everyone wants to look rave-ready every day, so they threw in a white shade that can be mixed with any and all the other nine shades to transform the whole palette into a collection of soft pastels. Urban Decay's genius Wired palette is perfect for anyone who wants an all-in-one spring palette.