How Vanderpump Rules' Katie Maloney-Schwartz Got In Serious Shape

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney-Schwartz has endured more than her fair share of body-shaming, both on and off the show. In an Instagram Story shared last year (via Bravo), the reality star made her feelings about people trying to police her weight clear, admitting, "For the last 3 years I let MY BODY become a topic of conversation. I say 'let' because I didn't have the courage or self love to argue it. FOR 3 YEARS."

Katie swore she would continue to grow as a person, to work on loving herself first and foremost, and to show all the non-believers what she's really made of. A little over 12 months later, the Vanderpump Rules star is proving she wasn't bluffing, with an all-new Instagram Story detailing the important changes she's made in her life since then.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz is proud of her weight loss

According to Bravo, Katie Maloney-Schwartz was answering fan questions via her Instagram Stories earlier this week when a fan requested an update on her weight loss journey. "I've lost a little over 20 pounds. It feels good," Katie said. When prompted about how she'd done it, the reality star explained how much trouble she'd had trying to diet previously. After paying a visit to the doctor, thinking she had a thyroid issue, she discovered her "glucose levels were pretty high and that could've led to some maybe pre-diabetic problems."

She overhauled her eating habits, meeting with a nutritionist to figure out how to eat with regards to her insulin levels. "Now I just have a great understanding on nutrition and what kinds of food I should and shouldn't be eating," she explained. The Vanderpump Rules star was quick to note she isn't dieting, however, just eating cleaner.

It's all about being healthy for Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Katie has become a body positivity role model for those struggling with their weight. Fans of the show will know she's tussled with several different cast members, including Lala Kent and DJ James Kennedy, over the years in relation to her fluctuating weight, and struggled with her body image.

Thankfully, her attitude has changed dramatically since she started on Vanderpump Rules back in 2013. She told People in 2018, "I think it's just accepting change, and accepting that it's okay. ...I don't need to look a certain way or I don't need to be the same size as I was when I was 25."

These days, Katie is focused on being healthy and feeling good rather than being skinny, explaining she exercises to get fitter, not to watch the numbers on the scale drop. Besides, by her own admission, "I want to enjoy life, and I love food and wine and drinks. I'm not going to look back at age 75 and say, 'I wish I would've dieted more.'" As far as the Vanderpump Rules star is concerned, "As long as I'm trying to make smart choices in terms of diet and being healthy and taking care of my body, it doesn't matter what size I am." 

Katie Maloney-Schwartz's friends always have her back

Just a couple months ago, Katie Maloney-Schwartz again found herself at the mercy of cruel internet trolls after a photo of her was shared by cast-mate Brittany Cartwright, of the whole Vanderpump Rules gang looking glamorous at a pre-Oscars party. According to screenshots from People, several commenters had an issue with how the reality star was dressed. "Katie's outfit matches her personality?" wrote one user sarcastically, while another wondered, "...who dressed Katie."

Luckily, Stassi Schroeder rushed to defend her BFF's "amazingly gorge alternative Parisian-chic Carrie Bradshaw look" with a brilliant reference to Mean Girls — "everyone talking s**t.... can go shave their backs now"— thrown in for good measure. Brittany then responded with, "Agree they don't know what they're talking about! LOL." Katie was clearly hurt regardless, even screenshotting one mean comment about her gaining weight and posting it to her Instagram Story.

The best revenge is looking good for Katie Maloney-Schwartz

Aside from her gal pals standing up for her, Katie Maloney-Schwartz also finally received apologies from two of her worst tormentors, namely Lala Kent and James Kennedy. As reported by People, at last year's BravoCon event in November, the English DJ admitted one of his biggest regrets was body-shaming Katie on the show, even giving her a big hug onstage to show how sorry he was. Likewise, Lala acknowledged, saying, "The only thing I regret is body shaming Katie," of her time on Vanderpump Rules thus far.

It's clear from Katie's recent Instagram shots that with her newfound confidence and a healthier lifestyle, she is paying zero attention to what haters say about her anymore.