What Happened To The Couples From Dating Around?

Like any good reality dating show, as soon as we finished season one of Netflix's Dating Around, we immediately wanted to find out who was still together and who wasn't. From charming Leonard of episode four to confident Lex of episode three, who actually found love? Lucky for us, Netflix released a mini "Where Are They Now" reunion video on Youtube a couple of weeks after the series premiered to give us the low down.

The first episode of Dating Around ended on what seemed like a very positive note with Luke and Victoria sharing a connection. However, as Luke revealed at the reunion, the two fell out of touch: "We went on some dates [after the show]... but it kind of followed along with this typical New York dating [trend] where it just kind of fizzled out." Another promising couple was Lex and Cory from episode three. However, unfortunately, the same thing happened to them after going on a second date. "I can't even remember who sent the last message," Lex confessed.

Unfortunately, none of the couples from Dating Around stayed together

The only other couple on season one of Dating Around that we really held out hope for was Sarah and Matt of episode five. At the reunion, Sarah admitted, "He made me feel really calm "I felt more comfortable to be myself and relax a little bit. It was amazing for me." However, unfortunately, the two didn't last — though, she didn't provide any explanation as to why.

While the rest of the cast didn't choose someone on the show, they did still get something out it (via Bustle). Mila from episode six didn't reveal much, but told the group during the mini-reunion that she had found someone special since the show concluded. Gorki, who was the subject of episode two, referred to her time on the show as "very therapeutic" and admitted that she "got a lot of closure she didn't know she needed." And Leonard? He kept his lips sealed, but said what everyone was thinking, "Dating is very complicated."