TLC's Unexpected: Stars Who Won't Appear On Season 4

TLC's Unexpected follows the real lives of teen mothers as they attempt to juggle motherhood, work, relationships, and everything else besides. The tell-all reality show is totally addictive and has proven to be a massive hit with viewers over the past three seasons.

A fourth is a given and, although it's not clear when exactly we can expect it back on our screens, TV Shows Ace estimates the show could return some time in August judging by when previous seasons were released. TLC's goal with the show is educating teenagers about unplanned pregnancy, so as long as it continues to be an issue across America, the demand for the show will be there, too.

A couple of Unexpected OGs will not be returning

The third season boasted a variety of newcomers and moms who'd appeared previously, so that's probably going to be the set-up this time around, too. Although we don't know who the newbies are yet, we do know who definitely won't be returning. Chloe Mendoza, an OG cast-member alongside McKayla Adkins, will not be coming back, revealing in a farewell YouTube video, "I feel like my family is over it. My parents are done with it, I'm kind of done with it too now."

Mendoza claimed she'd had a lot of negative experiences while shooting the show and is now focused on the positives only. She did, however, describe it as a "good experience overall," thanking TLC for the opportunity and shouting out her castmates. Adkins, for her part, has threatened to leave may times. According to Soapdirt, she flat out said she wasn't coming back when questioned. Adkins did, however, share a casting call for the show, suggesting she was still involved. However, during a subsequent Q&A she claimed not to be taking apart, according to Starcasm, so really who knows?

Other Unexpected stars have issues with production

Elsewhere, Rilah Ferrer took to Twitter to rail against the show, according to Starcasm, advising her time had been wasted because editors just kept cutting everything out. "After I gave birth, these TV people rushed me out of the hospital so they can film and get GoPros in the car. I couldn't even enjoy time with my baby. Hours and hours of filming interviews (I had the flu half of the time) just for the footage to be cut off," she wrote. Ferrer also claimed she'd been attacked online due to her involvement, but expressed hope she would be left alone after she declined to take part any more.

Hailey Tilford aka "Hailey 2" and Matthew Blevins were accused of getting pregnant just to secure a spot on Unexpected's upcoming season, but he shot such suggestions down, confirming, "NO we aren't being on the next season," according to TV Shows Ace. Suffice it to say the Season 4 cast, whoever they are, will have their work cut out for them when it comes to creating as much must-watch drama as this lot.