The Real Reason Why Kate Plus 8 Was Canceled

EW reported matriarch Kate Gosselin's reaction to the cancellation of her show Kate Plus 8 in a now-unavailable series of tweets in 2011, including: "We've had a great run! Six years of whirlwind funfilled adventures thanks to TLC and many many supportive and diehard fans!" The final show aired on September 12th, 2011. The series lasted for six years and made it to 150 episodes when counting the previous iteration of the show, the original Jon and Kate Plus 8 reality series. 

Fans loved following this extraordinary family, which included parents Jon and Kate, their elder twins, and their younger sextuplet siblings. Edited for clarity, EW continued to share Kate's reaction, "... I poured my entire self in2 the last6years of 'Kate Plus 8' & I can't wait2have the chance2challenge myself again w future endeavors!... And maybe even some dating??!! We wish our fans well. And remember, this is not 'goodbye'." The show cancellation occurred after the couple's acrimonious split in 2009 (via E! News).

And, while the show may have been canceled as a series, 2011 definitely wasn't the end of the Gosselins' appearances on TV.

The Gosselins continue to return to the small screen

While some have blamed the couple's tabloid-ridden divorce for the show's cancellation, the facts don't quite back up that story. First, TLC is no stranger to scandal and has often turned lemons to lemonade with spinoff shows before, such as the launch of Counting On after Josh Duggar caused the original Duggar series to be canceled. 

The Gosselin children, like the Duggar kids, could easily still hold appeal without featuring any scandal-worthy interactions. And this is backed up by the Gosselin clan's continued appearance on our screens. In a tweet in 2017, she shared more about a special birthday episode. "ONLY 12 minutes until my 6 turn 13 on #KatePlus8 on @TLC ... ask questions and I'll answer as many as I can! #TweetYouSoon" Kate Gosselin wrote on Twitter. This show is part of continued specials featuring the Plus 8 crew that began filming in 2014, extending the show with shortened seasons for many years. 

Ratings play a huge factor in renewals

It's difficult to say whether the cancellations were because the kids grew up, or the lack of Jon took away from the original dynamic that drew viewers. Perhaps Kate wasn't likeable enough on her own. For some, the off-screen drama may have taken away from the on-scene enjoyment. What we do know is that show experienced significant ratings drops over the years (via Radar Online). 

In addition, the group is losing cast members. A 2019 update aired showing twins Mady and Cara leaving for college, and only four of the six sextuplets were present. Siblings Hannah and Collin were notably missing, and currently reside with their father Jon (via Cafe Mom). Despite the "official" cancellation of the reality show, we strongly suspect we haven't seen the last of the Gosselins. A family this original will always draw attention. Devoted Gosselin fans will be sure to want an update on the children as they become independent adults.