The Truth About Celine Dion's Insanely Glamorous Life

Céline Dion has seen the kind of success most could only dream of experiencing in a lifetime. Since embarking on her music career at just 12 years old, as noted by Biography, she's sold millions of albums. And although she may not be royalty, the successful singer certainly lives like a queen. Between her affinity for footwear and her eye for detail when it comes to building the perfect home, there's few aspects of Dion's life that don't symbolize her expensive taste. And while the Today show praised her for being the genuine "real deal" during their 2019 interview, Dion still flaunts her money like it's her business. After all, she's earned it.

If you take a look at her most lavish purchases through the years, some are so remarkable that, for most of us, it's hard to wrap our minds around them. But these luxuries are just another day in the life of this singer. Without further ado, here's a deep dive into Céline Dion's insanely glamorous life.

Celine Dion is one of the highest-paid female singers in the world

Having a disposable income certainly helps when it comes to living a glamorous lifestyle, and Céline Dion's is limitless. She has consistently topped Forbes' list of highest-paid female musicians, with her 2019 slot landing her in ninth place. So, what does one have to make to be considered one of the richest female singers on the globe? Forbes reported that Dion brought home a cool $37.5 million that year.

Dion also landed a spot on the list in 2018, making a whopping $31 million that year. The preceding year, she was in the top five highest-paid female musicians, Forbes revealed, with $42 million in revenue under her belt. Evidently, racking in millions is the norm for Dion each calendar year.

Much of Dion's income stemmed from her flourishing Las Vegas residency, which had fans from all over flocking to Sin City. In fact, the singer broke records with her show sales. Her two residencies, A New Day and Celine, combined to gross $681.3 million according to The Hollywood Reporter. While most people gamble their money away in Vegas, Dion cashed in big time, enabling her to live even more glamorously than ever.

Celine Dion's Florida home was valued at how much?

There's extravagant and then there's the house Céline Dion had built. While the singer has owned, and still owns, a number of properties, her South Florida residence was by far one of the most jaw-dropping. As Business Insider reported, Dion and her late husband René Angélil first purchased the lot for $12.5 million in 2005. They then upgraded to an even bigger space in 2008 by purchasing the nearby mansion. And, from there, they built the house mansion of their dreams.

The property boasts over five acres in land in total and is situated on ultra-private Jupiter Island. According to Variety, the expansive estate has endless amenities including 14 bathrooms, an in-home theater, five fireplaces, and the outside is only even more lavish. Dion installed a tennis pavilion, a simulated golf range, and a pool house with a full kitchen. 

Dion went on to sell the property in April 2017, but, unfortunately, the time she had put into the property didn't exactly pay off as she'd hoped. The house was listed for $72 million, but Dion ultimately settled for $38.5 million, Variety reported.

Celine Dion built a waterpark on one of her properties

While most kids cross their fingers for a pool, Céline Dion's children grew up with a full-blown waterpark at their house. The singer implemented the park into her Jupiter Island residence — and it was nothing short of extraordinary.

According to House Beautiful, Dion's at-home water park boasted two swimming pools, a lazy river, multiple water slides, and water cannons. The pool system required so much water to run (500,000 gallons in fact), that Dion was actually fined by the state, NBC Miami reported. Afterward, the singer installed water storage devices on the property to hold the immense amount of water needed to keep the park up and running.

Living in such extravagance can illicit criticism, but Dion makes no apologies for her pricey playground. In an interview with Jonathan Ross, Dion defended her decision to build the epic water park. "Why not? Some people do drugs and go out every weekend, I built a waterpark," she told the TV host.

Celine Dion went all out when decorating her son's nursery

It's the high life and nothing else for Céline Dion's children. When she and her husband René Angélil welcomed their first child, René-Charles Angelil, in 2001, they decked out the nursery with some seriously high-priced designer items. The furnishings included a Burberry baby carriage worth $4,250, according to People. The nursery also featured a French provincial bassinet and a wardrobe stocked with onesies that perfectly matched the color scheme of the room: blue and white.

Equally as lavish was the surprise shower thrown for Dion ahead of the baby's arrival. Her friend Coco Lacroix spoke with People magazine about the shower and revealed some of the pricey presents Dion received. One of those gifts included a handmade teddy bear from Dion's mom Thérèse, which was stuffed with heat beads. "This baby is the most lucky child in the world," Lacroix remarked at the time. These days, Angelil is all grown up, but he's definitely had a glamorous life from the start thanks to his millionaire mama!

Celine Dion wore $3 million worth of jewelry to the 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Céline Dion is not exactly known for casual apparel. Actually, "casual" would probably be the worst way to describe Céline Dion's fashion looks. The singer is known to make a statement on the red carpet — and a big one at that. But some looks have been more extravagant than others. In fact, it was at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards that the singer truly took things to the next level.

Dion performed at the awards ceremony that night and, according to the Daily Mail, hit the BBMAs stage dripping in $3 million worth of jewels. According to the publication, she rocked a handful of large diamond rings from Harry Kotlar and paired the jewelry with a high-fashion gown by Stephane Rolland, making sure all eyes were on her.

It was a special night at the awards show, seeing as Dion performed her iconic hit "My Heart Will Go On" from the 1997's Titanic. The performance was commissioned to mark the 20th anniversary of the movie, and it's safe to say Dion looked like a million bucks the whole way through.

Celine Dion once requested this expensive item at a hotel

Celebrities are known to adopt some pretty intense beauty routines, but it would be hard to top Céline Dion's multimillion-dollar skincare request. According to Harper's Bazaar, the songstress asked for a humidifier for her Las Vegas hotel room to "keep her vocal chords warm and prevent the climate from drying out her skin." Sounds reasonable enough, right?

Well, according to the magazine, the humidifier she requested cost an estimated $2.5 million. It's no wonder Harper's Bazaar gave the singer the first spot on their list of "most-expensive celebrity beauty treatments ever." However, MSN asserted that the humidifier was actually installed above the Caesars Palace' stage, not in her private hotel room. Either way, Dion spent three years at Caesars Palace in Sin City, so it definitely got its fair share of use. While most of us are at home using our DIY face masks and Crest white strips, Dion's beauty budget blows ours out of the water.

Celine Dion owns thousands of shoes

Céline Dion owns more shoes than you may have thought possible. During a "Carpool Karaoke" segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2019, the host asked Dion how many shoes she had at home. She replied promptly, "3,000 or 5,000." But when James Corden pressed her further, saying he'd heard more like 10,000 pairs, Dion threw her hands up admitting "maybe" that was the case; she just "didn't want to say it."

Of course, that many shoes calls for a sizable storage space — and Dion has just that. "I have a place in Las Vegas ... it's called a warehouse," she told the talk show host. Oh, and in case you couldn't already tell, Dion's love of shoes runs deep, like on an emotional level. "How emotionally attached to these shoes do you think you are?" Corden asked the singer. She replied with a very stern face, saying, "I'm attached."

Celine Dion wore a seven-pound tiara on her wedding day

In what will probably go down as Céline Dion's least basic look ever, she donned a headpiece at her wedding featuring 2,000 Austrian crystals, Us Weekly reported. The songstress married René Angélil in December 1994 at Montreal's Notre Dame Basilica and, naturally, she went all out for the occasion. Her tiara weighed a whopping seven pounds in total — which is about as heavy as the Imperial State Crown worn by Queen Elizabeth — and the sparkling headpiece "literally had to be sewn to her head," E! News reported.

With a crown like that, one may worry that the dress would be upstaged, but that simply wasn't the case. The over-the-top gown Dion donned featured a 20-foot train, and according to Us Weekly, required over 1,000 hours to complete. While most brides could only dream of dripping in diamonds on their special day, for Dion, there was no other way to walk down the aisle.

Celine Dion owns her own golf course

Céline Dion doesn't just hit up her local golf course when she's in the mood to play a round. No, she goes to her own. The singer was such a big fan of the game that she purchased her own turf to putt away with friends.

Back in 2007, Golf For Women's editor-in-chief Susan Reed published an article (via Reuters) detailing the top female celebrity golfers and was sure to include the singer on her list. "Celine Dion is an avid golfer and plays all the time," she revealed. "She lives on a golf course in Vegas, belongs to one in Florida and even owns a golf course in Canada." According to the Bleacher Report, the name of Dion's golf course is Le Mirage and, per BBC, the singer even has a golf cart customized with her name. With such a passion for golf and the coin to indulge in her hobby, a custom golf cart was probably NBD for this star. 

One of Celine Dion's closets includes a revolving rack and rotating shoe storage

One of the most glamorous parts of Céline Dion's life is undoubtedly her wardrobe. Not only does the star take pride in her clothing collection, she takes pride in the way she stores it. In a 2013 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Dion revealed details behind the ultra-glamorous closet she had built in her Florida estate. The high-tech closet — which is more like a room and not a small one at that — has some pretty cool features. For one, its rotating design. "It [has] like glass doors that open, and the reason that we use that [rotating] dry-cleaner thing is this is where you can hold the most clothes," she admitted.

She also installed a digital walk-in shoe closet in her house, as she explained to James Corden on Carpool Karaoke. According to Dion, her shoes were expertly organized and could be easily pulled up for viewing. "They were all by colors, so I would press another button and they would turn in front of me," Dion told Corden.

Celine Dion renewed her vows with an over-the-top bash at Caesar's Palace

Every second of Céline Dion's wedding to René Angélil oozed glamour, but that didn't stop the couple from going all out when renewing their vows six years later. The singer and her husband spared no expense when they invited over 200 of their friends and family to celebrate at Caesar's Palace Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. According to E! News, the chapel was redesigned to look like a mosque and the venue's ballroom was transformed into a picturesque garden. The couple treated guests, who were seated on brightly colored cushions, to a lavish multi-course meal prepared by Moroccan, Lebanese, and Syrian chefs.

According to E!, "the women wore the colors of precious gems: emerald, sapphire, ruby and diamond" during the festivities. Meanwhile, Dion turned heads in a Givenchy gold gown. Highlights of the glamorous night included entertainment from dancers to singers to even jugglers. On top of that, "there were even camels and exotic birds" throughout the venue to add to the "mystical mood," the publication reported.

Celine Dion has custom-made dresses from all the hottest haute couture designers

Céline Dion may be known for her singing career first and foremost, but she's also solidified herself as a true fashion icon. She has a "go big or go home" mentality when it comes to awards show style and she's landed herself on a number of best-dressed lists. It's no surprise, then, that designers are lining up to dress her. According to Glamour, Dion worked with stylists Sydney Lopez and Pepe Muñoz for her 2019 fashion week outfits and looked stunning in high-end looks from Chanel, Fendi, and a custom-made halter dress from Roseberry.

That same year, Dion stunned on the Met Gala red carpet, wearing a pair of custom shoes from Chloe Gosselin. The designer talked to Footwear News about the honor of designing a shoe for the superstar. "Céline Dion was one of the first customers when I launched my brand and has since continued to be an exceptional support," she said of the singer. Gosselin crafted a sparkling one-of-a-kind stiletto for Dion's Met Gala appearance, incorporating Swarovski crystals into the shoe. "My team and I were ecstatic about the prospect of creating something truly special for her," she said of the look.

Celine Dion jet-sets across the globe on her private plane

An upgrade to first class sounds like pure luxury to most people, but for Céline Dion, that would actually be a downgrade. The star has been known to fly private when jet-setting from one city to another — and she's never tried to hide her expensive habit. In February 2017, she shared a snapshot of herself preparing to board a private jet. "Grammys here we come!" she captioned the Instagram post. She shared a similar snap several months later when the 2017 Met Gala rolled around, again, taking flight to the prestigious ceremony in a private plane.

Even while up in the air, Dion is still surrounded by opulence. According to The Telegraph, the singer's jet has several bathrooms and a full-sized kitchen. But the spacious private plane didn't come cheaply. According to the publication, Dion's jet had a reported price tag of $42 million.

Celine Dion once lived on her own private island

Céline Dion, much like other celebrities, values her privacy. However, she values it so much, she decided to build her own private island beach house. Yes, according to The Wall Street Journal, Dion purchased an entire private island in Canada. The site reported that the singer created this private island with her husband and manager prior to his passing.

The lavish estate is just 15 minutes from Montreal, according to the publication, but offered all the privacy in the world. However, in 2012, the pair put the home up for sale. Living on a private island comes with a hefty price tag, though, and was listed for just under $30 million. WSJ added that the island itself spans a total of 20 acres and the house Dion and her husband had built is about 24,000 square feet. Living on a private island might sound like a distant dream for most, but not for this accomplished singer.