What Southern Charm's Jenna King Is Doing Now

Jenna King starred on Season 1 of Southern Charm but never returned for future seasons. The Charleston, South Carolina socialite knew cast member Cameran Eubanks since they were teenagers and she was also a close friend to the show's creator, Whitney Sudler-Smith. The aspiring fashion designer brought flair to the show with her signature mohawk — which she has since traded for box braids — and her lavish lifestyle.

Jenna was from a smaller town in South Carolina, but she seemed to have the most luxurious life compared to her Southern Charm castmates. Before appearing on the show she spent some time living in London, Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami.

Her life of glamour led to immense speculation into what she did for a living. Many of her castmates suspected her much older boyfriend was financing her life. "I've never really understood what Jenna does in the first place, so I don't know but she always makes it happen," Cameran opined to Bravo's The Daily Dish in 2019. "And she's always traveling to someplace fabulous on a private jet."

Jenna King moved to the West Coast

Jenna King ditched Charleston for Los Angeles after appearing on Southern Charm. But, according to Cameran Eubanks, Jenna still comes back every once and a while to visit. "Jenna is great. I knew Jenna long before the show started and we do keep in touch," Cameran told Bravo's The Daily Dish. "She lives in L.A., but she comes back to South Carolina. Her mom still lives in South Carolina." During the interview, which took place in spring 2019, Cameran explained that Jenna had been in Los Angeles for "several years."

In addition to Cameran, Southern Charm star Craig Conover also keeps in contact with Jenna. "We talk probably every four months," Craig told The Daily Dish in April 2020. "She's great. I loved her to death, it just didn't work out on this show." He continued, saying, "If I'm in LA, I'd love to run into her."

Who is Jenna King dating these days?

Jenna King is relatively quiet on social media and only posts the occasional photo on Instagram. One person who has been prominently featured on her Instagram, though, is a woman named Janaina Devieira. Jenna shared a picture of the two in May 2019, captioning the post, "Missing my wifey!!! Come to me woman." Although Jenna frequently referred to the mystery woman as "wifey" in Instagram captions, she did not confirm whether they were in a romantic relationship.

Nevertheless, the former Southern Charm cast member and Devieira seem to have known each other for a long time. In a picture shared on January 15, 2018, Jenna wrote, "Happy Birthday BUBI, still love you the same since we was 17 and babies in Miami." As of this writing, the status of their relationship to each other is unknown, but they would certainly make a cute couple!