When Does Married To Medicine Los Angeles Season 2 Premiere?

With the success of Bravo's hit, Atlanta-based reality show Married to Medicine, it was inevitable a spin-off would take viewers to the luxurious locale of Los Angeles. Indeed Married to Medicine Los Angeles debuted back in March 2019, wrapping up a short, eight-episode season the following month. It's been an entire year since these fashionable L.A. ladies have graced our screens, but the wait is finally over.

The sophomore season is here, with more medically-adjacent drama than ever before. All the ladies are back for another round too, along with a couple key newcomers just to keep things interesting. They may have life-or-death careers, but Married to Medicine proves there's just as much at stake in personal relationships once you get a group of hot-tempered boss ladies together.

Married to Medicine Los Angeles Season 2 is here

Bravo's The Daily Dish confirmed that Dr. Britten Cole, Dr. Imani Walker, Shanique Drummond, and Jazmin Johnson are all returning to the show, alongside newcomers Dr. Kendra Segura and Lia Dias. The second season premiered at 9/8c on Sunday, May 3 exclusively on Bravo. 

OBGYN Dr. Kendra is set to make a massive impression this season, with buddy Dr. Britten advising, "She's hilarious, she's full of life." However, Dr. Kendra also looks to be tussling with Jazmin, telling her in the second season's juicy trailer, "We're supposed to be friends. I'm feeling harassed right now."

Elsewhere, Dr. Britten is tackling a move across the country and back-talk from her children, and she is also experiencing intimacy issues with her husband, on top of everything else. Shanique, meanwhile, is looking to move into luxury real estate in spite of a lack of support from her family, and Dr. Imani is struggling to be a single mother while her husband is working on his new business out of state.

Married to Medicine always brings the drama

Married to Medicine's genius hook is that it focuses on a group of women who all have actual careers. The stars of the show and its Los Angeles-based spin-off — as well as the previously launched spin-off Married to Medicine Houston, which premiered in 2016 — are all either medical professionals or are married to men who are.

The show therefore provides an interesting insight into how women working in one of the toughest and most stressful industries in the world deal with everything else in their lives, such as family, friends, and romance. Notably, The Cinemaholic points to an interesting thread tying the L.A. offshoot to its originator in that Dr. Britten is friends with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, who previously appeared in Married to Medicine, as they worked in the Navy together. 

Regardless, L.A. always brings the drama, and we'd expect nothing less in Married to Medicine Los Angeles Season 2.