What You Need To Know About 90 Day Fiance's Alexei Brovarnik

Loren and Alexei Brovarnik, who appeared on Season 3 of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé, would have to be one of the reality show's biggest success stories. The couple got married and went on to appear on Happily Ever After, What Now, and, Pillow Talk, and not only do they now share a baby boy, but have also been successful in securing Alexei's American citizenship. "What a busy, yet exciting day!! Our full "90 Day Fiancé" process in its entirety has been completed!!," Loren wrote on Instagram in January 2020. "After years of applications, waiting, hard work and patience, [Alexei] got approved to be a U.S. citizen," she later said on her Instagram story (via Reality Replay Online).

31-year-old Alexei Brovarnik was born and raised in Israel and was working as a medic there when he met Loren, who was on a Birthright trip. According to Good Housekeeping, Alexei proposed to Loren after just 10 days and the two swiftly moved to Florida to live with Loren's parents, breaking Alexei's family's hearts.

Alexei says marriage is a full-time job

Though Alexei and Loren faced various challenges as a couple (including a complete meltdown at their wedding), they overcame them together and have continued working together as a team ever since. "We are still learning so much about each other," they told Good Housekeeping. "Marriage is a full-time job. We worked very hard to be together. We are a team, and while we have our ups and downs like a normal marriage, it's totally worth it."

When he's not playing Dad or appearing on reality TV, you can find Alexei on Cameo, making personalized videos for fans all over the world, traveling, and spending time with his one true love, Loren. But he hasn't fully given up on his medic skills. In early March, Alexei uploaded a video to his Instagram showing saving a drowning man in the Bahamas while Loren and he were on holiday. What a hero!