Whatever Happened To Chad Rogers From Million Dollar Listing?

Chad Rogers was the realtor who, in spite of looking like an emo kid, took no prisoners when it came to selling luxury properties on the first three seasons of Million Dollar Listing. He sparred with co-stars (in particular Josh Flagg) and competitors alike but his baby-faced good looks and demonstrable passion for the business endeared him to legions of fans. His second season on the hit reality show was a difficult one and, when Flagg tried to bury the hatchet the following year, Rogers was having none of it, refusing to consider a truce with him.

Unsurprisingly, he left the show soon after, in 2009, with Josh Altman taking his place as the series rebranded as Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. But leaving Bravo behind didn't necessarily mean Rogers was giving up on his dreams. If anything, in the ensuing decade and change, he's added even more feathers to his cap, while remaining a major fixture on the L.A. property scene. And, in spite of being in his forties, Rogers still looks like he could take a slot on Warped Tour any day.

Chad Rogers is still focused on real estate (and doing great)

The bio on Rogers' official site gushes over his impressive 21 years in the industry, noting how the Malibu native has sold over half a billion dollars in real estate to date. He still works at prestigious Hilton & Hyland brokerage and, judging by some of the properties Rogers has listed, he's doing pretty well for himself. Elsewhere, his Instagram account describes the Million Dollar Listing alum as a foodie, fitness fanatic, and owner of Raw Raw Land Chicken Jerky, among other things. Judging by his Stories, Rogers is an in-demand public speaker too, reportedly fetching up to $20,000 per appearance.

The most notable thing about the new and improved Rogers, however, is his impressive physique, honed over countless hours of workouts that he's only too happy to share with fans. Bravo's Daily Dish notes that in a post on his now defunct blog, Rogers bragged, "I have gone through a complete body transformation."

Fitness, health, and happiness are everything to Chad Rogers

Aside from being a proud gym rat, Rogers plays guitar, writes poetry, and chills out with his adorable chihuahua, Starla, whose exploits are documented faithfully on Instagram. He doesn't miss reality TV either, telling She Knows' Reality TV back in 2014, "I used to measure success externally with making a lot of money and being famous. Now success to me is based strictly on internal happiness." These days, the former reality star is focused on being fit, healthy, and happy.

That does not mean Rogers hasn't got a taste for the finer things in life, however, with his Instagram showcasing yacht parties, travels to exotic locales, and classic cars. He also made peace with his replacement on Million Dollar Listing, appearing in a cute pic with Altman, who described Rogers as a "super nice guy." 

The show might be in the rear-view, but Rogers is busy looking forward regardless with a positive outlook on life.

Chad Rogers only has room for one lady in his life

Given how busy Rogers is with his many business endeavors, as well as seemingly spending endless hours at the gym, it's unsurprising to learn he doesn't seem to have anybody special in his life right now (apart from Starla, of course). Fans of Million Dollar Listing will remember his long-time girlfriend Victoria, but Rogers confirmed back in 2010, in an interview with The Real Deal, that they'd sadly called time on their relationship. The real estate agent also appeared to be seeing personal trainer Jenna Willis for a time, but that also seems to be over.

Rogers isn't too worried about trying to find the one, though. The realtor told She Knows Reality TV magazine that he prefers spending time with his dog above anyone else. "On the rare occasions that I am able to relax... Both of us enjoy watching TV on the couch, going on daily walks, and connecting with our fans via Twitter," he said (via Bustle). Rogers is referring to the fact that his sweet pooch has her own social media accounts, because of course she does.

His own home means everything to Chad Rogers from Million Dollar Listing

In 2018, Rogers invited the LA Times into his swanky Beverly Hills condo to show off what all those years of hard work have earned him. The living room, which is stocked with gifts from his parents — "My parents and I are really close, and it means a lot to me that they wanted to put their energy in my house," Rogers explained — was a real labor of love, particularly when it came to sourcing the right Italian marble for his fireplace.

However, the biggest selling point of the space for the Million Dollar Listing alum is all the memories contained within. Not only does Rogers spend the majority of his time at home in there, but, "I sold the highest-price house of my whole 20-year real-estate career," there too. As Rogers quipped, "If this fireplace could talk, I'm sure it definitely would not shut its mouth because it saw me jumping around like I won the jackpot in Vegas. And no one was here to witness that excitement but this fireplace."