Below Deck: The Truth About Adam Glick And Jenna MacGillivray's Relationship

True to its name, Below Deck: Sailing Yacht cruised along the ocean with significantly less waves than its sister vessel for its inaugural season. Dramatic encounters were mostly few and far between, but the "boatmance" between chef Adam Glick and chief stew Jenna MacGillivray turned out to be a nice anchor for the maiden voyage of Sailing Yacht.

Glick, of course, is something of a Below Deck stalwart, having previously popped up on the Mediterranean spin-off of the hit show in Seasons 2 and 3, where he proved himself to be adept at working in high-stress environments. He also enjoyed some romantic entanglements on-board, too, having been part of a love triangle with bosun Wes Walton over deckhand Malia White during his most recent appearance on the show. It only later became apparent that Glick and White had dated, or at the very least hung out, previously, which went some way towards explaining why the chef got so heated over her dalliance with Walton.

There was no denying Adam Glick and Jenna MacGillivray's chemistry on Below Deck

This time around, Glick was more cautious, at least initially. "You've got the chef and the chief stew. If this were to go belly-up, that would be a disaster," he reasoned on Below Deck. However, it took just a few episodes for him and MacGillivray to become a bonafide thing as the sexual tension between them became undeniable. Still, they wanted to take it slow.

"I mean, if my dating history is any indication, clearly I move quickly," MacGillivray told Entertainment Tonight. In particular, the chief stew was poking fun at a montage of her exes with their faces blurred out that featured on the show, quipping, "One day, there's a chance [Glick] might be in a picture with me with his blanked-out face."

Meanwhile, Glick gushed about his paramour to ET, sharing, "We've had trouble with some of our stews in the past, and Jenna is incredible with [communication]."

Below Deck's Adam Glick and Jenna Macgillivray are no longer together

It would seem the couple is not still going strong, their boatmance having fizzled outside of the Below Deck: Sailing Yacht world. Glick confirmed their situation during his appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen: @ Home, as per Bravo's The Daily Dish. Although they are no longer an item, Glick confirmed the two still keep in touch. "Yes, in fact, we were just speaking earlier today," he told Cohen simply.

Cracks in their relationship started to appear during a recent episode of Sailing Yacht as Glick and MacGillivray fought following a late-night rendezvous, leading the chief stew to write several sweet notes to her chef lover to no avail. As the episode ended, they sat down to discuss where things were headed for them. MacGillivray questioned what Glick's plans were once the charter ended, and he told her, "I'm gonna get the f**k off this boat, hop in my van, and drive away," as the chief stew cried.