Why This Married At First Sight Couple Really Changed Their Son's Name

Anyone who has ever even though about naming a baby knows that picking out the perfect name is no easy task. Sure, you can pick a name that sounds cool, but how will you know that it's the right name for your bundle of joy? Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner recently went through this dilemma when they made the decision to change their baby's name at the last minute — right before filling out his birth certificate.

Before their baby was born, Otis and Hehner announced on YouTube that they had decided on the "perfect" name for their little one: Hayes. Once he was born, though, they weren't sure if the name actually was perfect for their newborn.

Otis wrote in an Instagram post that picking out a name for their son had been tricky. While they knew they wanted an H name, Otis and Hehner debated over just which H name to pick. They also wanted a name "with as much meaning" as their daughter Henley's name, who was named because, as Otis explained, "when Doug and I were married at first sight I thought my new stranger hubby's last name was Henley." The couple decided early in their relationship to use that name for one of their kids.

Married at First Sight's Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner had a hard time naming their baby boy

Naming their new baby proved to be more of a challenge, though. While Otis and Hehner decided on Hayes before their baby was born, once he arrived, he just didn't seem like a Hayes. "The minute we had our son, the minute he came out, I looked at him — I mean, the first time I looked at him, I almost called him Hendrix," Otis explained in an Instagram video. "That was like a top name for him."

Ultimately, the couple decided that the name Hendrix just felt right for their son.

The name also has a special meaning for the couple, as a baby name expert told them that the name Hendrix is connected to the name Jonathan, which is what Otis and Hehner named their first child whom they lost in 2016, four months into the pregnancy. "Long story short, it's loosely tied to our angel baby Jonathan," said Otis. "The day that I was due, there was actually a rainbow... and I was like, 'What are the chances there's a rainbow on your due date?' I haven't seen a rainbow in I don't know how long."