The Busby Quints Just Celebrated A Big Milestone

It's been quite an unusual end of school year for most of the world in the midst of a pandemic, and it's no different for the Busby family. With six kids under one roof, it's hard to imagine how OutDaughtered's Adam and Danielle managed to transition to home schooling 9-year-old Blayke, and 5-year-old quints Riley, Parker, Hazel, Ava, and Olivia.

Although Riley did skip ahead a grade this year, it seems as though Danielle kept all the quints together for home school. "That would have been another level of homeschooling," she recently told Us Weekly. "Blayke is in third grade, so she's got a very big structure of what her day looks like. From the very beginning, I came up with a routine and a schedule of what we're going to do. ... With the quints, they just don't see us as a teacher. They [behave] at school probably way better than they do [with] us as teachers. That balance of trying to get them to focus ... is tough."

Quarantine means graduation looked a little different for the Busby quints

It seems as though all their hard work has paid off, though, because Adam took to Instagram today to announce that the quints had officially graduated out of pre-K, albeit in the middle of quarantine. "It definitely wasn't a normal graduation, but we don't exactly do many things that are normal... So proud of the little ladies our quints have become and cant wait to start this new chapter in kindergarten. Love you girls!" Adam posted.

Although it doesn't seem there was a typical graduation ceremony with all their classmates, the Busby quints donned their caps and gowns nonetheless. And hey, with that many siblings it's always a party! And while some fans pointed out that Riley was already in kindergarten, others clarified that she was simply in the advanced kindergarten class at preschool, and that Danielle recently posted that she was registering all five of the girls for kindergarten together. 

As the season 3 premiere of OutDaughtered debuts on June 2, we'll finally be able to catch up with the whole Busby family.